Burke-Gilman Trail Repairs

Updated: March 4, 2020

Spring 2020

The Seattle Park District funds repair work on the Burke Gilman Trail. In 2020, repair projects will be concentrated north of NE 125th and between Gas Works Park and I-5. Sections of the trail in disrepair from age and invasive roots are repaired and repaved completing the work scheduled for 2019. Trail sections were determined by 2015 condition-assessment work done in collaboration with SDOT and reconfirmed in spring 2017.

The 2019 project repairs began in the south near 30th Ave NE and went north to Seattle-King County border at NE 145th Street and included the street crossings north of NE 95th. We repaired 39 locations and removed the bollards in 24 locations at road crossings identified and funded by SDOT.


Repair trail at prioritized sites as determined by 2015 condition assessment (see map above) and reconfirmed in Spring of 2017 in collaboration with Seattle Department of Transportation.

Budget & Phase

See the budget and phase for this project on our Open Budget website