Burke-Gilman Trail Repairs

Updated: January 8, 2019

Winter 2018/19

The Seattle Park District funds repair work on the Burke Gilman Trail. Sections of the trail in disrepair are removed along with removal of the invasive roots that were causing upheaval, and new asphalt is installed. Trail sections were determined by 2015 condition-assessment work done in collaboration with SDOT and reconfirmed in spring 2017.

This year's repairs will start in mid-February. We will be repairing up to 39 locations depending on the construction contract award. We will start at the northern Seattle-King County border at NE 145th Street and head south to 30th Avenue NE. The site locations can be found on the overview map linked to below.

Once the construction contract is awarded, a more accurate construction start date will be added to the web page. Continue to watch this space for more details.  Thank you.


Repair trail at prioritized sites as determined by 2015 condition assessment (see map above) and reconfirmed in Spring of 2017 in collaboration with Seattle Department of Transportation.

Budget & Phase

See the budget and phase for this project on our Open Budget website