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Metro RapidRide H Line

Downtown Seattle to Delridge to Burien

March 13, 2017

We’re hosting an Online Open house from March 13 to 31. Go to and share your thoughts with us!  You’ll learn about the history of the project, benefits of RapidRide and what’s possible along Delridge Way SW. Then tell us what you find most important. Options are based on previous community input, along with traffic data and recommendations from the City and County’s transportation plans. They offer two possible ways to balance the needs of everyone using Delridge Way SW while making bus service more frequent and reliable and improving walking and biking to the service.

The Metro RapidRide H Line project will provide fast, frequent, and reliable public transportation between Downtown Seattle and Burien through the Delridge neighborhood. We’ll be improving walking and biking to bus stops and make sure people and goods keep moving.

Explore the rest of the webpage for detailed information on the project, including the schedule and project documents.

Questions about the project?
Email or call 206-684-5189.

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Project Overview

Delridge Way SW is one of seven new corridors where the we are partnering with King County Metro to enhance transit connections and upgrade existing bus routes to Metro RapidRide service. Upgrading Metro Route 120 into the RapidRide H Line will keep people moving by:

  • Keeping buses frequent and on-time
  • Adding more buses at night and on weekends
  • Upgrading to Metro RapidRide bus stops with lighting, real-time arrival info, and more
  • Improving sidewalks and paths for people walking and people riding bikes

We’re working to balance the needs of everyone who uses the corridor, whether they’re in a bus, a car, walking or riding a bike.

Questions about RapidRide or how it could benefit you? Get all the details at Seattle’s RapidRide Expansion Program website or visit Metro’s RapidRide website.

How can I get involved?

We’re always interested in meeting with community and neighborhood groups that want to learn more about the project and make their voices heard. You can request a briefing by emailing or calling (206) 684-5189. More details and opportunities to get involved will be announced as they are scheduled. 

Do you live outside the city of Seattle?

King County Metro is bringing RapidRide amenities and improving service between the Seattle City limits and Burien. Additional project funding for these improvements comes from grant sources that Metro has already secured. Metro will be conducting public outreach about the project changes in these areas in 2018. To stay informed or find out more, contact DeAnna Martin, King County Department of Transportation Community Relations Planner, at or 206-477-3835.

Milestones and Schedule

The table below outlines the project’s key milestones and basic schedule.



February – March 2015

Early community outreach about project

June 2015

Open House / Transportation Forum on existing conditions

July 2015 – March 2016

Completed studies and analysis and used community feedback to develop a report on the corridor’s existing conditions

October 2016

Community outreach to receive feedback on community transportation preferences and trade-offs

March 2017

Share conceptual options for community feedback

Summer 2017

Preferred concept moves into design

Summer/Fall 2018

Final design complete, advertise for construction bids




Metro RapidRide H Line service begins

RapidRide H Line Library

March 2017

October 2016

Project Funding

This project is partially funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015. Additional grant funding has been secured and is being sought by both Seattle and King County.

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