Trails Programs

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Volunteer with us and help improve our extensive trails system! Contact Chukundi Salisbury at (206) 684-4122 or email or follow us on Facebook.

Seattle Parks and Recreation’s Trails Program marks our commitment and that of our dedicated volunteers to address the need for trail development standards, construction and  maintenance within our more than 4,000 acres of natural areas. Under the program, we are taking an inventory of existing trails and coordinating new trail development.

Building a trail

The park system has many miles of developed and semi-developed trails. Some are in very good condition while others are in poor condition and in serious need of renovation. Still others receive regular use but aren't well known to the public because they are located within newly acquired open space properties.

The Trails Program will focus on four major areas of work:

  • Developing standard specifications for trail construction on land.
  • Completing an inventory condition assessment of the park and trail system.
  • Developing a long-term trail renovation and construction plan.
  • Completing trail renovation projects

In addition to the sites that are identified on our yearly work plan, the Trails Program is available to consult with community groups to help develop a trails coordinator needs assessment, a plan for the park, and to convey trail maintenance and construction standards on a time-available basis. We are also available to help organize and lead work parties with Friends Of groups.

Youth Green Corps

Youth Green Corps

The Youth Green Corps (YGC) is a partnership conceived by Seattle Parks and Recreation and implemented with Seattle Goodwill that educates and trains young adults (18-24) through a mix of classroom experiences and outdoor forestry restoration.  It is a 9-Month program that consists of 13 Corps Members.  Members split time between Goodwill, Forest Restoration and Trail work in Seattle Parks for educational and career training. Participants are  ages 18-24 and receive a  $1,000 per month stipend.  In an effort to address youth employment and create a pathway into green jobs, Parks teaches site management, restoration skills and management, tool safety, native plant species, invasive plant identification, and environmental stewardship to the participants in the Youth Green Corps while working in Seattle Parks.  Goodwill offers training and classes such as GED preparation, basic computer skills, reading and writing, and/or ESOL.  Goodwill also offers classes to customize soft skills, review basic career skills, and job search classes. 

Contact Chukundi Salisbury at (206) 684-4122 or email or follow the YGC on Facebook!

Seattle Trails Alliance

The Seattle Trails Alliance is a coalition of walkers, hikers, commuters, foresters,  pedestrians, runners, and neighbors who are coming together to democratize public space through support of trails systems in Seattle. 

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