Accessible Mt. Baker

Last updated: October 10, 2019

What's Happening Now?

We're currently identifying walking and biking connections to build by 2024. Check out this list of potential projects.

We're also working with an inter-agency partnership to take larger steps toward the greater Accessible Mt. Baker vision including potentially relocating the Metro Transit Center closer to the light rail station. 

Project Overview

The Mount Baker Station Area has been the focus of several planning processes in the past 10 years in which the Mt. Baker community articulated a vision for a thriving, diverse, sustainable, and affordable town center. As public-sector capital investments and private sector developments occur, there is an opportunity for interdepartmental collaboration to best meet the community's vision and develop near-term recommendations. 

The SDOT Accessible Mt. Baker Plan envisions transforming an auto-oriented area into a pedestrian and transit-oriented destination that is safer and more vibrant for everyone. The first design phase is working with an interagency team (including Seattle Office of Planning and Development, Seattle Department of Neighborhoods, Seattle Parks and Recreation, Seattle Public Utilities, King County Metro, Sound Transit, and University of Washington) to determine a possible relocation of the Mt. Baker Transit Center to improve transit connections and reduce vehicle and pedestrian conflicts. The partner agencies are working with the Urban Land Institute to convene a Technical Assistance Panel (TAP). The TAP is an objective team of seasoned professionals who are developing recommendations and identifying next steps toward implementing the community's vision. We expect to have more to share on recommendations and next steps in late summer 2019.

Mt Baker Transit Center
Existing Transit Center that will possibly be relocated to improve transit connections and pedestrian safety.

SDOT is also reviewing these potential near-term improvements to walking and biking connections to build by 2024:

AMB improvements map

[Map of the Mt Baker Station area with a list of the near-term improvements being considered: 1. Shorten existing crossing distances and add sidewalk space at intersection of Martin Luther King Jr Way S and Rainier Ave S. 2. Increase sidewalk width and repair sidewalk on the east side of Rainier Ave S. 3. Increase crosswalk width and add Leading Pedestrian Intervals crossing Rainier Ave S at S Forest St, Martin Luther King Jr Way S, and S Mt Baker Blvd. 4. Change north lane of Mt Baker Blvd to walk and bike only 5. No right on red heading north from Martin Luther King JR Way S to Rainier Ave S. 6. Artistic enhancements to the pedestrian bridge 7. New crosswalks across Rainier Ave S and Martin Luther King Jr Way S at S Mt Baker Blvd 8. Improve pedestrian crossing and add Leading Pedestrian Intervals on S McClellan St at Rainier Ave S and Martin Luther King Jr Way S]

Project Background

Rainier Ave S and Martin Luther King, Jr. Way S (MLK) are key southeast corridors for people driving, taking transit, and moving goods. It's also an important connector to I-90 and I-5. The existing intersection has been a problem for the neighborhood - it causes truncated transit connections, pedestrian/vehicle conflicts, disconnected bike routes, as well as congested and confusing traffic movements. 

In 2015, we worked with neighbors and built on past plans to come up with a concept to reconfigure the intersection of Rainier and MLK. Recognizing the need and community's desire for safety, accessibility, and vibrancy, we developed a long-term Multimodal Plan consistent with the objectives of the North Rainier Urban Village AssessmentNorth Rainier Action Plan, and Mt. Baker Town Center - Urban Design Framework

Over the next few years, we'll design and build near-term improvements, and work toward the Accessible Mt. Baker plan in partnership with other agencies. 

Intersection of Rainier and MLK

The Rainier and MLK intersection is in the middle of major destinations including the Mt. Baker Link Light Rail Station, King County Metro Transit Center, Franklin High School, housing, and retail.


This year
  • Work with Metro/Sound Transit on developing transit center relocation concept
  • Design team reviews near-term improvements and determines what to implement
  • Outreach team collects input on near-term improvements to inform on what to implement
2020 Bring selected near-term improvements to final design
By 2024 Build near-term improvements


Early design and near-term improvements are funded by the Levy to Move Seattle, a 9-year $930 milion levy approved by voters in 2015. Final design and construction of the Accessible Mt. Baker grand vision are not yet funded. 



Map of potential walking/biking improvements (October 2019)

December 2016

Plan & Illustration

November 12, 2015 Open House

Planning Documents