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Thank you for attending our April 3 Open House at Melrose Market Studios. The open house summary is now available in the Documents Library below. We have also added the summary of the online community survey, which was open from April 2 – April 29, 2018.

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We’re launching the Melrose Promenade project to create a safer, more inviting street for everyone that takes advantage of Melrose Ave's prime location at the base of Capitol Hill.

Community members have already worked on their vision for what Melrose Ave could be, so now we're taking that vision and adding our own transportation plans, data, and community outreach perspective to it to see what can be built with a federal grant.

Melrose Promenade

Ideas for a safer, more inviting street have included:

  • traffic calming
  • sidewalk upgrades
  • street crossings
  • public space
  • lane redesign
  • wayfinding signs
  • lighting
  • seating
  • bike facilities
  • pavement repair

Our project goals build off the promenade vision to connect people and places while improving safety. The corridor is a key walking and biking connection in our citywide network.

Right now, people are getting in crashes regularly, streets can be difficult to cross, people driving use Melrose Ave E as a cut-through to I-5, and sidewalks can be missing or narrow.


The construction of Interstate 5 created a barrier between Capitol Hill and its downhill neighbors. Melrose Ave was rebuilt atop a high retaining wall with western views and a trail through the park at the north end and remained a neighborhood street among historic buildings in the south end.

Capitol Hill residents, businesses, and regional safe streets advocates have worked for years to reimagine what an updated Melrose Ave could mean to the community. Their Melrose Promenade vision  has focused on a "vibrant and visually stunning promenade." Since this concept aligns with our mission and vision for Seattle, we applied for and were awarded a grant to better understand the vision and start constructing as much as possible.

Melrose Ave is in our Bicycle Master Plan and part of the project area is a designated pedestrian zone.

Capitol Hill is one of the densest neighborhoods in the Puget Sound region and continues to grow. The Melrose Promenade will connect community members with major destinations in the neighborhood and routes to First Hill and Downtown. The corridor includes high-density residential and mixed-use communities, and major employment centers near the south end of the project including medical centers, colleges, and the downtown business district.

Currently, 37% of households in the Melrose Promenade corridor are car-free. Constrained on-street parking supply, expensive off-street parking, nearby mass transit, and the density of housing and jobs in the neighborhood can make owning a car expensive and inconvenient – or unnecessary for many. This project aims to improve bicycle and pedestrian connections so they are more attractive and convenient.

Project Area

Melrose Promenade Project Map
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Outreach & Schedule

People at the open house event

We’re currently reviewing existing conditions and gathering community input on potential strategies. This spring we’ll develop possible street design concepts for feedback to inform the final design. Design will occur in 2019 and construction is expected to be completed in 2020.


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