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Current Major Arterial Asphalt & Concrete Paving Projects

The City's Arterial Asphalt and Concrete Program resurfaces several streets each year with the larger goal of enhancing both mobility and safety citywide. The projects are prioritized and selected by SDOT's Pavement Engineering and Management Section based on pavement condition, volume and type of traffic, identified needs of residents and businesses, opportunities for coordination with other capital projects, and identified maintenance and liability concerns.

These paving projects include enhancements such as improved curb ramps and sidewalks, providing a safer and more convenient pedestrian environment, as well as road markings and signal detectors to help bicycles and vehicles share the road more safely.

In 2016 we plan on resurfacing a number of important arterials:

  • Roosevelt Way NE (between NE 65th St and the University Bridge)
  • Renton Ave South – Phase 2 (51st Avenue South to S 112th St/City Limits)
  • Meridian Ave North (between N 103rd and N 112th Streets)
  • Spokane St (between East Marginal Way and the swing bridge)
  • Greenwood Ave N (between N 112th St and N 136th St)  
  • Greenwood Ave N (between N 136th St and N 145th St)
  • 3rd Ave (between Denny Way and Virginia St)

Several projects begun in 2015 continue into the New Year:

A map of the resurfacing projects recently completed or currently planned is available here (revised 1/2016).

Links for projects completed between 2007 and 2014 are available here

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