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Paving Program
Reducing Seattles maintenance backlog on our busiest streets

August 23, 2016

Whats New?

We know how important it is to maintain our major streets. Not only do paving projects take care of the basics, they give us an opportunity to invest in improvements to move more people and goods.

Now is the time to get involved! Weve launched outreach for 2018 projects to pave major streets in NE Seattle and SE Seattle. Outreach is being done in three phases throughout 2016.

  1. Learn how you travel around your neighborhood and what is working or not with the current design
  2. Next, well share alternative street designs that include your input and what weve learned from the traffic data
  3. Finally, well incorporate your feedback into a preferred design

Help us make informed decisions for your neighborhood and the City. Take our online surveys. One focuses on the two 2018 projects in northeast Seattle and the three 2018 projects in southeast Seattle. Surveys must be completed by September 14, 2016.

Northeast Seattle Paving Survey
Southeast Seattle Paving Survey

Keep reading to see what paving projects are already underway.

Program Description

Seattle resurfaces busy, major streets (sometimes refereed to as arterials) each year to make them safer and more comfortable for people traveling on them and to extend their useful life. Our paving program not only aims to take care of the basics, it invests in the future with improvements to move more people and goods in and around a growing Seattle.

2016 Roosevelt Way NE Paving Project

We prioritize projects based on pavement condition, traffic volume, opportunities to improve the roadways operations, equitable treatment of residents and businesses, and opportunities for coordination with other projects in the area. Additionally, keeping our transportation system in a state of good repair helps lower the cost of future maintenance.

Paving projects often include curb ramp upgrades or repairs (consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act) to make it easier to walk and use a wheelchair. Repaving the road can also be a good opportunity to update a streets design. We consider safety, how people are using the street, and citywide transportation plans, among other things, when doing this.

The paving program is funded by the voter-approved Levy to Move Seattle and makes it possible for us to pave up to 180 lane miles of arterial streets over nine years.

Paving Projects Status
23rd Ave (E John St to S Jackson St) Construction
Roosevelt Way NE (NE 65th St to University Bridge) Construction
Renton Ave S Phase 2 (51st Avenue South to S 112th St) Construction
Meridian Ave N (between N 103rd St and N 112th St) Construction
Spokane St (East Marginal Way to the swing bridge) Construction
Greenwood Ave N (N 112th St to N 136th St) Construction
3rd Ave (between Broad St and Virginia St) Design
4th Ave (S Spokane St to S Royal Brougham Way) Design
6th Ave (Yesler Way to Westlake Ave) Design
S Michigan St, S Baily St, Corson Av S Design
Nickerson St (15th Ave to Etruria St) Design
25th Ave NE (Montlake Blvd NE to NE 65th St) Design
NE Pacific St (15th Ave NE to Montlake Blvd NE) Design
S Columbian Way/S Alaska St (Beacon Ave S to MLK Jr Way S) Conceptual Design
Swift Ave S/S Myrtle St/S Othello St (15th Ave S to MLK Jr Way S) Conceptual Design
Wilson Ave S (Seward Park Ave s to S Dawson St) Conceptual Design
NE 45th Pl and 35th Ave NE (NE 45th to NE 87th St) Conceptual Design
University Way (NE 50th St to Cowen Pl NE) and 15th Ave NE (NE 55th St to Lake City Way) Conceptual Design

Check out our map of 2016-2024 major road (arterial) repaving/reconstruction projects.

Program Funding

This program is funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015. Learn more about the levy at

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