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Roosevelt Way NE Paving and Safety Improvements Project

Updated October 20, 2016

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Here's what's left for the Roosevelt Paving & Safety Project:

  • Finish construction of the transit island at NE 42nd St
  • Paint permanent pavement markings in Zone D in about 2 weeks; this work is weather dependent and may be rescheduled if needed
  • Fill tree pits with soil
  • Install and/or replace remaining signs
  • Repair sidewalk in select locations
  • Install hand rails at new transit islands (King County Metro will install bus shelters on transit islands in the coming weeks)
  • Service power to new luminaries on transit islands
  • Complete miscellaneous punch list items
  • Clean up construction equipment, materials, and traffic control

Please note: this work may occur throughout the entire project area, between NE 65th St and the south side of the University Bridge, but impacts associated with remaining activities will be localized. As you may know, several private construction projects are currently underway on Roosevelt Way NE and this does not account for impacts associated with that work.

We'll reopen the protected bike lane in Zone D, between NE 45th St and NE Campus Parkway, in the coming weeks as construction wraps up and permanent striping is installed. People on bikes need to merge with traffic for 1 block, between NE 41st and NE 40th streets, due to private construction on the west side of Roosevelt Way NE. If you’re driving along Roosevelt Way NE, be careful not to park in the new protected bike lane.

Thank you for your patience during this project and as we wrap up the final pieces.

Questions or concerns?

Contact the project team at or 206-727-3575.



Construction began on March 14, 2016 and is expected to take about 6 to 8 months to complete.

The corridor is divided into 5 work zones, outlined in this map and listed below, with an expectation that construction will be substantially complete in one zone before moving to the next. Substantially complete means that major construction work is done, however there are often still some remaining tasks finish up (e.g. painting lane lines and other pavement markings).

  • Zone A: NE 65th St to NE Ravenna Blvd - complete!
  • Zone B: NE Ravenna Blvd to NE 53rd St - complete!
  • Zone C: NE 53rd St to NE 45th St - complete!
  • Zone D: NE 45th St to NE 40th St alley - substantially complete
  • Zone E: NE 40th St alley, across the University Bridge, to Fuhrman Ave E - complete!

Paving in Zone A


Paving in Zone B

Pouring new curb ramps in Zone A

Waterproofing on the University Bridge


Project Background

Existing Conditions

Roosevelt Way NE is a principal one-way arterial, serving northeast Seattle, the University of Washington and Eastlake. It is also a primary route that connects downtown to north Seattle and is frequently used by commuters, transit users and students, including drivers, bike riders and pedestrians.

Improving safety, accessibility and comfort

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) made improvements along Roosevelt Way NE between NE 65th Street and the University Bridge for people who drive, bike, walk and use transit.

The project:

  • Repaved Roosevelt Way NE between NE 65th Street and the University Bridge
  • Replaced buckled sidewalks
  • Created in-lane transit stops to improve transit speed
  • Consolidated three bus stops to improve transit speed and reliability
  • Installed curb bulbs (which extend the curb or sidewalk) and pedestrian islands at certain intersections throughout the project corridor to meet ADA requirements and also reduce pedestrian crossing distances and make it easier for road users to see each other
  • Installed a one-way south bound protected bike lane on the west side of Roosevelt Way NE between NE 65th and the south end of the University Bridge to improve safety and predictability for all users (This includes permanent enhancements to the temporary protected bike lane between NE 45th and NE 40th streets)

Project Schedule and Funding

Design: Winter 2014 - Late 2015
March 2016 October 2016

Construction began on March 14 and, wrapped up in October 2016. Crews will continue to complete some work into the fall including punch list items like landscaping, installing signs, and cleanup but major construction and traffic impacts are complete.

The project is being funded by: SDOT's Arterial Asphalt and Concrete (AAC) Program and Sidewalk Safety Repair Program, which are funded by the voter-approved Bridging the Gap levy; SDOT's Safe Routes to School Program; a grant from the Federal Highway Administration; and the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle (approved by voters in 2015).

Keep You Informed

SDOT is committed to engaging with the community and understanding the needs in the project area. Nearby businesses and residents will receive updated information throughout construction. These are some of the ways we kept you informed during construction:

  • Through our community liaison
  • Updating our project website
  • Sending email updates through our project listserv
  • Responding to inquiries from our project email inbox (
  • Responding to inquiries from our project hotline (206-727-3575)
  • Distributing flyers/ letters
  • Publishing media advisories
  • Briefing community organizations, upon request (contact our project team using the information below)

Project Materials

Click the link below to view a PDF of each of the project materials.

Current materials

Archived materials

Questions or Comments?

Project phone line: (206) 727-3575
Project email: 

Paul Elliott
Project Communications Lead 
(206) 684-5321

Eric Tweit
Project Manager 
(206) 684-8834

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