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SDOT Reports

In compliance with the Seattle Municipal Code, the Seattle Department of Transportation annually prepares a traffic report, outlining data collected on traffic volumes, collision rates and enforcement within Seattle. The department prepares this report as a way of highlighting current conditions on city streets, along with trends for usage and collisions. 

In gathering and compiling the information in this report, the Seattle Department of Transportation does not waive the limitations on this information’s discoverability or admissibility under 23 U.S.C § 409. 

District Reports

Welcome to the SDOT quarterly reports for each council district.  

We hope you find them helpful and that you are able to stay current on SDOT issues
affecting your district.

August 2016

Traffic Reports

Click on the reports below to see the traffic data collected and analyzed by SDOT on an annual basis.

2014 Traffic Report

2013 Traffic Report

2012 Traffic Report

2011 Traffic Report

2010 Traffic Report

2009 Traffic Report

2008 Traffic Report


Other Reports

Neighborhood Business District Access Intercept Survey

Pavement Conditions Report

See also: Annual & Quarterly Reports

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