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Neighborhood Business District Access Intercept Surveys

Updated June 1, 2017

Intercept Survey MapSeattle is a multimodal city, and customers and visitors to our neighborhood business districts use many different modes of travel. Through the Community Access and Parking Program, SDOT conducts regular intercept (in-person) surveys in our business districts. Survey results provide local business organizations and city departments with data to understand many variables including:

  • How often people visit neighborhood business districts
  • The purpose of their visit
  • How they got there (walking, driving, transit, biking, etc.)
  • If they drive, where they park
  • How travel patterns change over time

Here is a summary of data we have collected since 2011 by interviewing over 3,000 customers and visitors in ten different areas of the City.

Details by Neighborhood

Below is a summary of mode split by self-identified neighborhood residents and neighborhood visitors from past surveys.

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Full Reports

Full detailed results by neighborhood, including responses to other questions, are provided in the following PDF reports.

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Who Can I Contact?

For more information, contact Jonathan Williams at SDOT at 206.733.9026 or

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