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The way Seattlites move is changing rapidly. You have so many options to get around the city and the Puget Sound region. You can walk or bike for shorter distances. You can get on a bus, ferry, Sounder train, Link Light Rail, and the Seattle Streetcar. You can drive your own car. You can hail a ride, reserve a car share vehicle, or join a carpool on the fly. Soon, there will be new, private dock-less bike share services, and our streets will see automated vehicles in the not too distant future.

Mobile apps help us find the best driving route or catch the right bus or bike the least hilly route. Mobile payment systems allow us to book any service and have it automatically charged to our credit cards or bank accounts.

New mobility are those emerging elements of our transportation system that are enabled by digital technology, shared, driven by real-time data, and often providing curb-to-curb transportation. It allows Seattleites to treat urban transportation as a customizable, on-demand service. They can book and pay for different transportation services as they go, based on what they need.

Program Goals

In the early decades of the 20th Century, Seattle adapted its streets and land uses to automotive technology instead of shaping it to serve our city and its people. Our approach to new mobility services and emerging mobility innovations in Seattle will be driven by the following:

Goals: Put People First, Focus on Safety, Design for Dignity and Happiness, Advance Race and Social Justice, Keep and Even Playing Field


If you have questions or ideas that are relevant to our questions above, please email or call 206-472-3905.


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