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Bike Racks

photot by Aghman  / Austin Hill  via FlickrWant to Request a Bike Rack or Corral?

Please review the information below and then send your request to

Sidewalk Bike Racks

The Bicycle Spot Improvement Program installs bicycle racks in neighborhood business districts to encourage bicycling for short trips and errands. The racks provide safe and convenient bicycle parking.

Rack Installation

Racks are installed at the request of citizens and business or property owners or managers. Bicycle Program staff are available to meet with representatives from interested businesses to explain the program, answer questions and select locations for racks. Racks remains the property of SDOT. SDOT assumes responsibility for the racks but not for bicycles parked at them.

Rack Location Criteria

Several criteria are used in siting the racks:

Racks are installed in public space within City of Seattle limits, usually on a sidewalk with six or more feet of clear sidewalk space remaining.

Racks are placed at convenient, usable locations in close proximity to building entrances without impeding pedestrians.

Racks are placed with adequate clearance from curb ramps and crosswalks, street furniture, driveways, and parked cars.

Racks can be installed in bus stops or loading zones only if they do not interfere with boarding or loading patterns and there are no alternative locations.

Installation on Private Property

Racks on private property are usually paid for by the property owner. City racks are not available for purchase, but Bicycle Program staff can help property owners choose appropriate racks and installation locations.

Types of Racks

The Bicycle Program has selected the following racks that we prefer to install.

- The Rail-type rack, made of 2" galvanized pipe, 54 inches long, 32 inches high, and holds two bikes. The rack is unobtrusive, has no sharp edges or moving parts, and requires little maintenance.

- The Inverted-U rack - similar to the rail-type, but narrower.

- The Bicycle-Circle rack, which converts former meter posts into bike racks.


If you notice a rack has become loose or damaged, please let us know.

On-Street Bike Parking


Seattle’s 34 on-street bike parking locations (as of December, 2014)

  • Alder Flats
    220 10th Avenue
  • Bastyr Center
    3670 Stone Way N
  • Bike Works
    3709 S Ferdinand St
  • Essential Baking
    1604 N 34th Street
  • Harbour Pointe Coffeehouse
    2818 E Madison St
  • Footprint Cal Park
    1812 12th Ave
  • Interbay Playfield
    3027 17th Avenue W
  • Kaffeeklatsch
    12513 Lake City Way NE
  • Kaladi Coffee
    517 E Pike St
  • Lantern Brewery
    938 N 95th St
  • Maritime Pacific
    1111 NW Ballard Way
  • Melrose Market
    1501 Melrose Ave
  • Montana Bar
    1506 E Olive Way
  • NW Film Forum
    1515 12th Ave
  • Pacific Crest School
    600 NW Bright St
  • Peddler Brewing
    1514 NW Leary Way
  • Plum Café and Red Chair Salon
    324 15th Ave E
  • R&E Cycles
    5627 University Way NE
  • Recovery Café
    2022 Boren Ave
  • Red Door
    3401 Evanston Ave N
  • Standard Brewery
    2504 S Jackson St
  • Starbucks
    4147 University Way NE
  • Stumptown Coffee
    1115 12th Ave
  • Von Trapps
    912 12th Ave
  • Wallingford Studios
    4516 Meridian Ave N
  • West Seattle Junction
    4700 California Ave SW
  • CIDBIA Parklet (Oasis Tea Zone)
    519 6th Ave S
  • College Inn
    4000 University Way NE
  • Ballard Beer Company
    2050 NW Market St
  • Zayda Buddy’s Pizza and Bar
    5405 Leary Ave NW
  • Pono Ranch
    4502 Shilshole Ave NW
  • Hudson Building
    3715 S Hudson St
  • Urban Visions Parklet
    1516 2nd Ave
  • Queen Anne Pool
    1920 1st Ave W

Why On-Street Bike Parking?
Aside from the fact that a single on-street bike rack can accommodate many more bicyclists than a typical bike rack, pedestrians also benefit from the reduced clutter along increasingly-encumbered sidewalks.  Installing on-street bike racks near intersections or driveways can also enhance sight distance for motorists—a safety enhancement for all users of the transportation network. 

Where do they go?
SDOT will consider installing on-street bike parking upon the request of the adjacent business owner. Converting a motor vehicle parking space to on-street bike parking is typically warranted in locations where bicycle parking demand is high and sidewalks are constrained—for example, outside of restaurants with sidewalk cafes or in neighborhoods with narrow sidewalks flanked with tree pits and assorted street furniture. 

What do the racks look like?

SDOT has installed Dero “Cycle-Stall” corrals as well as a cluster of inverted U racks.  Selection of the specific type of corral is based on space available as well as demand for bicycle parking.


For more information about SDOT’s Bicycle Projects, call (206) 684-7583 or email



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