We believe that streets, sidewalks, parks, & plazas full of social and commercial activity have the power to improve our city’s health, prosperity, & happiness.   It’s important for us to listen and see how people actually use [...]
While bicycle traffic goes down when it snows, there were still many riders who got around on their two wheels this week.   The Fremont Bridge Counter recorded a total of 1,167 bicycles on Monday, January 13th! That’s down 59% from [...]
  Hey Seattlites! Brrr… it’s cold out there. But we won’t let a little weather interrupt our social activities will we? Stay safe out there and check out what’s happening around the city this week.   W E D.  J A N 15   [...]
The National Weather Center is calling for up to 3 inches of new snowfall & wind up to 26 mph on Tuesday night.   Does anyone else love the look of snow delicately collecting on tree branches? It’s peaceful and magical – until [...]