Summer, summer, summertime! George Clinton was on to something when he said it was time to put a glide in your stride and a dip in yo’ hip. We have a feeling he was probably at a play street or block party somewhere in Seattle. 🤩 When the sun [...]
Time to celebrate! TGI eeeeeeefF! Almost. The end of the week is near, people! And with it comes Bike Everywhere Day. Tomorrow, keep your eyes peeled for more people biking and for a crop of celebration stations that businesses, non-profits, [...]
Winter has come and gone and so have parts of our road with it. DOH! 😣 Those pesky potholes! We hate potholes as much as the next person. So what’s the pothole story?   Once upon a time… On a winter’s eve, when the weather [...]
Great things are coming to the University District (U. District) and U District, Let’s Go is on the ground and getting ready.   About the program. U District, Let’s Go is a year-long pilot program that kicked off in January 2018 funded by [...]