As National Traffic Incident Response Week comes to a close, let’s recommit to looking out for all those who are looking out for us! Every day, emergency responders clear our streets and freeways of traffic incidents – putting their own [...]
The whole purpose of National Traffic Incident Response Week is to remind travelers to do their part whenever they roll up on a collision or see flashing lights in their rearview mirror – it means you should clear the way for first responders! [...]
This weekend, Seattle will remember the 20+ (and simply 20+ too many) crash-based fatalities as part of an international World Day of Remembrance. Around this time last year, you may have seen white silhouette cut-outs attached to street signs and [...]
  SRT stands for Seattle Response Team!  When you think of “first responders,” you might think of Seattle Police or Seattle Fire Department (because, yup, it’s them!), but did you know that SDOT has our own team of responders [...]