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Walking School Bus

Get to know your neighbors by starting your own Walking School Bus!

A Walking School Bus is a group of children walking to school with one or more adults, picking up students along the way. A Walking School Bus can be as simple as a few neighbors taking turns walking their kids to school. Or it can be formalized with schedules, routes, and official stops.

Need help getting started? The Seattle School District can help parents identify where students live in order to plan a Walking School Bus route. Contact Yvonne Carpenter for more information at or (206) 252-0907.

Does your school have a well-established Walking School Bus? SDOT can install Walking School Bus Stop signs to formalize the stops on your route.

Lawton Elementary’s walking school bus was started by a committed teacher and enthusiastic parent. Over time their program has grown into a highly organized system with five routes, schedules, safety rules each child must agree to follow, and a group of dedicated volunteers who walk kids along each route. For more information on their successful program, click here

How to create your own walking school bus program



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