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Safe Routes to School: Engineering

Our goal is to make walking and biking to school safer and more comfortable for kids. SDOT invests in safety around schools by making walking and biking route improvements and providing school traffic plan recommendations.

Walking and Biking Route Improvements

SDOT selects a number of schools each year to receive engineering improvements, an education and encouragement campaign and additional traffic enforcement efforts.

The program is funded by Seattle’s Bridging the Gap levy, revenue from school speed zone cameras, and grants from the Washington Traffic Safety Commission and the Washington State Department of Transportation.

Engineering solutions can include:

If you would like any of these improvements at or near your school, SDOT will evaluate your request.  Please contact SDOT Safe Routes to School Coordinator Brian Dougherty at 206-684-5124 or

What are some of SDOT’s Safe Routes to School projects?

WSDOT grants are being used for education, encouragement, and engineering improvements at the following schools:

The following schools have participated in the program in previous years:

  • Arbor Heights Elementary
  • Wing Luke Elementary
  • Northgate Elementary
  • Sanislo Elementary
  • Bailey-Gatzert Elementary
  • Broadview-Thompson K-8
  • Dunlap Elementary
  • Summit K-12 at Jane Addams
  • Cleveland High School
  • Kimball Elementary
  • Blaine K-8
  • Sacajawea Elementary
  • North Beach Elementary
  • Concord Elementary

Bicycle Racks

SDOT helps schools get modern bike racks so kids can securely park their bikes at school. Working with school administrators, SDOT can find the best locations for bike racks and help obtain funding to purchase racks.

SDOT can place racks within the public right-of-way or the Mini Grant program can provide funding for schools to procure and install racks on school property.

For more information contact Ashley Harris at 206-684-7577 or

School Traffic Management

Traffic during school arrival and departure can sometimes be chaotic.  The morning and afternoon process must be safe and efficient for students and parents arriving by school bus or car, as well as those who arrive on foot and bicycle.  Organized and safe traffic conditions can ease concerns about traffic and make parents more willing to allow their children to walk or bicycle.

The Seattle School Traffic Safety Committee, made up of City and School District staff and others, can help evaluate traffic conditions around schools and recommend possible solutions. To request the School Traffic Safety Committee examine your school site and recommend improvements, complete the following online form.

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