Victor Steinbrueck Park

Updated: July 18, 2024

Summer 2024

Victor Steinbrueck Park will open in late August! Seattle Parks and Recreation (SPR) is working on a community celebration to welcome all back to the park. SPR awarded Kassel & Associates, Inc. the construction contract for the project. The contractor has installed the new waterproofing membrane and is continuing site improvements. The project experienced construction delays due to the complexity of working on top of a parking garage that SPR does not own and working with adjacent neighbors on the construction impacts. 

You can view some early project progress photos here.

The totem poles were temporarily removed and transported off-site for storage during construction. The poles will be reinstalled at the park, but significant work will be needed before they can be reinstalled. SPR is working with a conservator and will have more details on the restoration and timing soon.

The waterproofing membrane on the westerly portion of the park between the parking garage below and the park is failing. In addition to the park improvements, the replacement of the waterproofing membrane is the primary goal for this project.

This improvement and maintenance project provides public safety improvements that include better sight lines into the park, renovating the seating area, renovating the former children’s play area, improving and expanding lighting, and upgrading landscaping. The project will provide circulation updates creating a connection to MarketFront (honoring Victor Steinbrueck’s vision that the park be an extension of the Market), and an improved connection to the Tree of Life area.

During the public and stakeholder outreach process, SPR and the design team heard from the community the importance of honoring the significance of the park to Seattle’s Native American communities, specifically the Urban Native community. Coast Salish welcome text at the entrance walls, special concrete path paving with a Coast Salish basket-weave pattern, a Coast Salish map, and Coast Salish column wraps at the Pavilion are elements that will be included in the park. These design elements support the original design intent of the park as a place that welcomes all people, recognizes Seattle’s Native American communities, and reflects the local Coast Salish culture.

We received the Certificate of Approval from the Pike Place Market Historic Commission for the proposed improvements in September 2019. See the park improvements design, site features, and furnishings.


Victor Steinbrueck Park, 2001 Western Ave, 98121 (North end of Pike Place Market)


The Parks and Green Spaces Levy allocates 1.6 million dollars to this project.
Plus, additional funding from the City budget to replace the membrane.


Planning: Fall 2015 – Winter 2015/2016
Design: 2016 – Winter 2021/2022
Construction: December 2022 -  Summer 2024

Project Description

As included in the Parks and Green Spaces Levy language improvements to the park will include improvements to public safety including but not limited to improving sight lines into the park, renovating seating, renovating the former children's play area, improving and expanding lighting, and upgrading landscaping subject to the following:

  1. The Council determines whether the project is needed after it has evaluated how well the removal of the automated public toilet, installation and operations of surveillance cameras, and increased policing address public safety issues in and around the Park.
  2. If Council determines the project should proceed, the Department of Parks and Recreation will conduct a project design process with broad public outreach and submit a project design to the Council for its review and approval prior to appropriation of levy funds for construction.

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