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First Hill

The First Hill Network is home to many of Seattle’s hospitals, medical facilities, and educational institutions with over 21,000 daily commuters traveling to CTR-affected employers.

First Hill employers are working to achieve a drive-alone rate of 44% by 2017.

Employer Benefits

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Data Sources: Network performance data is summarized from Washington State Department of Transportation CTR Survey data from 2015/2016. Network benefits data is summarized from 2014 CTR program reports.

Commute Choices

The most popular transportation benefits offered by First Hill employers include offering a Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) program, charging for parking offering pre-tax transportation options, and on-site amenities like shower and locker facilities

In 2013/2014, the top three First Hill commute choices to driveling alone were riding transit, ridesharing, and walking . Due to the number of employers in First Hill that still have to survey, 2015/2016 mode split information will be updated in June 2016.

Employer Profiles

Please check back later for new employer profiles.

Seattle's CTR program emphasizes peer-to-peer sharing of best practices to help employers meet their CTR goals. Find out how to add your profile here.

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