Safe Ride

Lyft logoAs part of an ongoing partnership, we’re teaming up with Lyft to raise awareness about the issue of impaired driving and offer smarter choices to get around safely. This April 20 (also known as national let’s get high day), if you’re planning on getting high, plan ahead for a safe ride home.

Courtesy of Lyft, take advantage of $4.20 off 2 rides on April 20, using the code: SEA420. It's open to new and existing users across the Seattle area. Read more on our blog.

Since December 2015, we’ve partnered with Lyft to build Vision Zero awareness and have focused on discouraging impaired driving during specific times of the year, and in neighborhoods with nightlife activity. In working with Lyft, we also have an opportunity to reach Lyft drivers and riders with safety tips and information (beyond impairment) to help make Seattle’s streets safer for all.

Community partners

Vision Zero is a citywide effort that we’re only going to reach with a collaborative, wide-reaching network of people and organizations. Here are a few of our community partners, committed to improving safety on Seattle’s streets.