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Trucking Permits and Fees, Effective January 2009

Updated January 6, 2011

Following is a summary of all trucking fee changes adopted this year which take effect in January.

Truck Parking Fees    
Parking at a hooded meter or restricted area   $ 16.00 minimum, +$8 per day after two days
Service parking (blue meter hood)   $1,700.00 yearly fee (prorated after July 1)
Commercial Vehicle Load Zone   $195 yearly fee (prorated after July 1)
Fleet Permits*   $ 24.00 yearly fee to holders of two annual permits

Meter Hoods    
Yellow or Red parking meter hoods   $18.50 one time hooding fee, plus lost revenue fees
Lost revenue fee   $15.00 per day for “yellow” hoods outside Central Business District
Lost revenue fee   $18.00 per day for “red” hoods outside the Central Business District
Lost revenue fee    $20.00 per day for “yellow” hoods within the Central Business District
Lost revenue fee    $25.00 per day for “red” hoods within the Central Business District
Lost, destroyed or defaced hood fee   $60.00 each
Replace padlock and key set fee   $15.00 each

Operating Fees for Trucks over 30 feet
Downtown Traffic Control Zone (DTTC)   $24.00 one day
Downtown Traffic Control Zone (DTTC)   $90.00 10-day to construction site only
Downtown Traffic Control Zone (DTTC)   $180.00 30-day to construction site only

Special Vehicles    
House-moving   $180.00 per move
Operating a vehicle with tracks or hard rubber tires

  $180.00 per trip

Over Size Fees: for trucks that exceed licensed size.
Over-width, over-height and/or over-length   $18.00 single trip
Over-width, over-height and/or over-length   $60.00 thirty-day
Over-width, over-height and/or over-length   $290.00 yearly fee*

Overweight Fees for trucks whose weight exceeds licensed weight:
Additional Tonnage (over-axle) Fees   $52.50 (applies to garbage trucks only)
OW Short Term Permit   $24.00 single trip
OW Annual Permit Schedule    
from 1 - 5,999 pounds excess weight   $360.00 per year
6,000 - 11,999   360.00
12,000 - 17,999   420.00
18,000 - 23,999   420.00
24,000 - 29,999   480.00
30,000 - 35,999   480.00
36,000 - 41,999   540.00
42,000 - 47,999   540.00
48,000 - 53,999   600.00
54,000 - 59,999   600.00
60,000 - 65,999   660.00
66,000 - 71,999   660.00
72,000 - 79,000   720.00
80,000 - + 2.80   720.00

If you have any question about trucking fees in Seattle, please contact Don Smith at 206-684-5125.
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