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2005 Seattle Transit Plan

The Seattle Department of Transportation has developed the city’s next generation Transit Master Plan (TMP). The TMP is a 20-year, comprehensive look ahead to the type of transit system that will be required to meet Seattle’s transit needs through 2030.

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(Please note this file is large)

The Seattle City Council adopted the Seattle Transit Plan - To Get Seattle Moving (Resolution No. 30799) in September 2005 after public review and comment. The plan is the basis for transit strategies in the City's Transportation Strategic Plan, which was adopted in August 2005.

The Seattle Transit Plan is focused on getting Seattle moving. It does this by addressing the following issues:

  • Key Transit Corridors Connecting Urban Villages – Seattle Connections
  • Key Transfer Points in Major Activity Centers
  • Criteria for Evaluating Technologies
  • Transit Quality of Service Measures (see UVTN Monitoring Report )
  • Transit Priority Treatment Toolbox
  • Service Investment Needs

Below are links to the elements that comprise the plan. In addition, links are provided to two reports that were used to help develop the plan.

Next Steps

As of early 2010, the City is beginning the process of updating the Seattle Transit Plan, which will be developed into a Transit Master Plan. The public process for the plan update will begin in the early part of 2010. The Transit Master Plan is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2011.

The Transit Master Plan will:

  • Develop transit service and capital investment priorities and recommendations
  • Make commitments to provide minimum acceptable levels of speed and reliability for high-ridership transit routes
  • Identify minimum acceptable service frequencies and span of service for high-ridership routes
  • Generate more transit funding to support growth in Seattle and the region.
  • Improve coordination with partner transit agencies' planning activities
  • Include a plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transit vehicles

Transit Plan Executive Summary

Seattle Transit Plan - Final - Summer 2005

Seattle Transit Plan PowerPoint Presentation

APPENDIX 1: King County Metro West Subarea Bus Routes (PDF format)

APPENDIX 2: 2003 Rider Non Rider Survey (PDF format)

APPENDIX 3: Seattle Popular Monorail Plan System (PDF format)

APPENDIX 4: Sound Transit Regional Transit Long-range Vision (PDF format)

APPENDIX 5: Definite 2030 UVTN Corridors (PDF format)

APPENDIX 6: Candidate 2030 UVTN Corridors (PDF format)

APPENDIX 7: City of Seattle Neighborhood Plan Transit (Bus) Recommendations (PDF format)

APPENDIX 8: Survey of Transit Technologies (PDF format)

APPENDIX 9: Metro Bus Stops without Shelters (PDF format)

APPENDIX 10: Seattle Transit Street Classification Process (PDF format)

Appendix 11: Seattle Bus Layover Space Locations (PDF format)

APPENDIX 12: SDOT Arterial Parking Restrictions Policy (PDF format)

Other Supporting Plan documents

Seattle Transit Network Development Plan

Comprehensive Street Classification, Performance and Design Standard System FINAL WORKING PAPER


Map 3.1 2000 Population/Employment Density (PDF format)

Map 5.1 Seattle Comprehensive Plan Urban Villages (PDF format)

Map 5.2 2030 Population/Employment Density (PDF format)

Map 5.4 Current Zoning (PDF format)

Map 5.5 Urban Village Transit Network (PDF format)

Map 7.1 UVTN Segments for 2007 Implementation (PDF format)

Map 7.2 Existing Travel Speed - Peak Period (PDF format)

Map 7.3 Existing Travel Speed - Base Period (PDF format)

Map 7.4 Existing Travel Speed - Evening (PDF format)

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