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Traffic Signal Control Box Artwork: Art Proposal

Photo by Tamera WeikelBefore you or your community group finalize plans to Add artwork to traffic signal control boxes (signal boxes), you should select an artist, or develop designs, and find funding to install and maintain the artwork.

You and/or your group must also submit an artwork proposal (submission contact information is at the bottom of this page). The proposal must include:

  • Design – Follow design guidelines and use the proposal template to submit color renderings at a 1/8" scale on 11x17" paper. If more than one design is being proposed, submit representative images for each one.
  • Locations and sizes of signal boxes
    • To develop a consistent visual experience, you must propose at least three signal box designs in close proximity to each other. Signal boxes should not be located directly next to existing art in the City's public art collection
    • If you see art next to signal boxes, contact Kristen Ramirez,, or (206) 615-1095.
  • Timeline- Develop a schedule for design review, Street Use permitting review, and installation of the artwork.
  • Contact information for the artist/organization
  • Installation plan – To make sure installation guidelines are followed include a plan and state who will be in charge of installing the artwork.
  • Maintenance plan – Include a plan for maintaining artwork and artwork removal
  • Budget—The budget should include:
    • Costs of developing artwork
    • Any applicable licensing fees for photos or maps
    • Materials and expected maintenance costs
  • A resume of lead artists/designers, if applicable
  • Evidence of community outreach and support for the project
  • Certificate of Approval from Historic District, if applicable

SDOT and the Office of Arts & Culture must approve artwork before submitting a Street Use Public Space Management Permit Application.

Artwork proposals should be submitted to:

Art & Enhancements Project Manager
Kristen Ramirez

Drop off:
Seattle Municipal Tower
700 Fifth Avenue
Floor 37

P.O. Box 34996
Seattle, WA, 98124-4669

For questions email: or call 206-615-1095

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