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Traffic Signal Control Box Artwork: Permit Guidelines

The third step in adding artwork to traffic signal control boxes (signal boxes) is to submit a Street Use Annual permit application. (This application includes both the Street Use general application, which all applicants must fill out, and the Annual permit application, which is specific to your project.) Before you submit a permit application, make sure you have completed steps one and two and have had signal box locations and your artwork proposal approved. Client Assistance Memo 2505 contains additional information on how to submit a Street Use Annual permit application.


Do I need a permit?

Yes. Permits are required to:

  • Verify appropriate City approvals have been obtained
  • Verify install schedule will not conflict with other permitted activity in the area
  • Verify valid insurance documentation

The Street Use Annual permit will serve as the maintenance responsibility record of the installation.

Is there a fee for the signal box artwork permit?

A standard Street Use Annual permit costs $146. Permits must be renewed annually for $140, based on the current Street Use permit fee schedule. Additional Street Use permits may be required if pedestrian or vehicle mobility is impacted during the installation and could increase costs.

How much does it cost to produce and install artwork?

Costs vary depending on:

  • whether an artist is commissioned
  • if there is a fee to use images, or maps that are part of your design
  • how the artwork is applied (stenciled, decals, vinyl wrapping)

Applicants are responsible for all costs associated with the installation and long-term maintenance.

Who installs the artwork on the signal control boxes?

Applicants install the artwork and must meet with SDOT Signal Operations staff in advance to ensure:

  • artwork is applied correctly
  • manufacturer’s instructions are followed
  • pedestrian access will not be blocked during installation
  • precautions are taken to protect surrounding property

Who maintains the artwork?

Applicants are required to maintain artwork they install on signal control boxes.

How long can artwork remain on a traffic signal control box?

Artwork can stay for five to 10 years. The city reserves the right to paint out, remove, reuse the installation or move control boxes at any time without notice. If a signal box is moved, the applicant is no longer required to maintain the artwork.

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