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Traffic Signal Control Box Artwork: Art Design Guidelines

Photo by Melanie CookThe following guidelines define the considerations the Arts representatives will use to review the designs.

  • Artwork should have a consistency of style and medium to create a unified aesthetic between signal boxes. Think of them as a series, rather than individual pieces of art.
  • Applicants are encouraged to create designs for the boxes that contribute to the visual quality of the streetscape. For example, consider using a limited palette of colors and simple graphic images to avoid visual clutter. If original artwork is being created, a lead artist/designer should be responsible for designing the images.
  • The primary purpose of this program is to create a public benefit. Therefore, images that convey messages appearing to advertise, or promote a private entity (corporation, neighborhood business, chamber of commerce, or other community organization) will not be accepted.
  • Images that create a driver distraction or could be confused with traffic signs will not be accepted.
  • Arts representatives will review locations to determine proximity to artwork in the public art collection.
  • Applicants must demonstrate that they have community support for the designs.

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