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Examples of Signal Box Artwork

Signal box artwork is popping up around town. As part of the Rainier Traffic Safety Project, previous SDOT artist-in-residence Anne Stevens created images illustrating pedestrians safely crossing the street, waiting for buses and people riding their bikes. The images were printed on reflective decals and installed on the sides of signal boxes along Rainier Avenue S. the decals are still in place.

Troy R. Miles is designing images to be placed on signal boxes in the Central District. A small public meeting was held in September to gather ideas on the kind of images the community felt represented the neighborhood. Images will be printed as decals and installed on the sides of signal boxes by the end of the year.

Examples of Troy Miles artwork:

In 2008, the City of Seattle gave the Downtown Seattle Association (DSA) a Small and Simple Award to do artwork on 30 traffic signal control boxes in the West Edge neighborhood (Second Avenue in Downtown). DSA partnered with ArtWorks on this project.

Urban Smart Projects turn cities into brighter places by managing the painting of traffic signal boxes with original artwork. Check out their projects.

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