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Seattle Right-of-Way Opening and Restoration Rule

The Right-of-Way Opening and Restoration Rule (ROWORR), implemented January 1, 2017, describes requirements anyone impacting Seattle public right-of-way space must meet when making and restoring openings. The ROWORR updates and replaces the old Pavement Opening and Restoration Rule (PORR) with:

  • Changes to the final restoration timeframes
  • Clearer ADA guidance
  • Restoration requirements for Green Stormwater Infrastructure
  • New requirements during the pavement moratorium period
  • Changes to pavement restoration requirements

Read the full Right-of-Way Opening and Restoration Rule manual here (SDOT DR 01-2017)

With implementation of the new Right-of-Way Opening and Restoration Rule (ROWORR), we hosted multiple training workshops. The presentation addresses key points, with helpful visuals as shown below.

To see the ROWORR training presentation, click here.

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Mix Design Information will be posted here in the future. Thank you!

The previous version of the ROWORR, the PORR, is available for reference here:
Street & Sidewalk Pavement Opening and Restoration (SDOT DR 05-2009)

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