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Street Use Permit Application Notices

Prior to issuing decisions on certain Street Use permit applications, SDOT posts a public notice of the application and holds a comment period on the proposed action for 10 business days. The links on this page provide a list of permit applications and information on how to submit comments.

Instructions for Commenting on a Permit Application

Instructions for Requesting Review or Reconsideration of an Application Decision

Public Notice of Street Use Applications

Bike Share Station Applications
Bike share is a network of publicly available bikes for short urban trips. Seattle’s bike share program, called Pronto! Emerald City Cycle Share, is managed by a non-profit organization (Puget Sound Bike Share). The program intends to support the goals of the Bicycle Master Plan, extend the reach and attractiveness of transit, and encourage active and healthy living. SDOT is reviewing applications to permit bike share stations in the public right-of-way.

Parklet Applications
Parklets are small structures that repurpose a portion of the right-of-way by converting on-street parking spaces into public open space. Parklets are currently being permitted under SDOT’s Pilot Parklet Program, which explores how well privately-funded and privately-maintained parklets serve different neighborhoods in Seattle. SDOT is working with 15 businesses and community organizations to design and construct parklets under the pilot program and is reviewing permit applications for each proposed pilot parklet.

Vending Applications
SDOT issues public notices for several types of right-of-way vending permits: sidewalk vending, plaza vending, food vehicle vending, and stadium vending. These permit types are described in detail on the Vending Permits Overview page. SDOT reviews all vending permit applications to ensure that a proposed vending location is properly designed and can be managed effectively.

Sidewalk Café Applications
Sidewalk cafés allow restaurants to expand their seating area onto the sidewalk adjacent to their business. Two types of permits, a “Tables and Chairs” permit and a “Sidewalk Café” permit, are available to businesses and are detailed on the Sidewalk Café Overview page. Both permit types require businesses to submit an application to ensure that the sidewalk cafés will not interfere with mobility or other right-of-way functions.

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