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Vending Permit Applications

What's New

  • We've just published the first edition of our "Vendor Blender" newsletter for vendors! Check out the June issue here.

  • Due to widespread construction throughout the city, we encourage vendors who plan on applying for vending permits to check our Citywide Planned Construction Map before applying. This is especially true for vendors interested in working in South Lake Union or the Denny Triangle area. In order to minimize unanticipated construction impacts on vendors, SDOT may decline to accept vending applications for sites that are scheduled for construction within the next year.

SDOT has received the following vending permit applications. Public notices of these applications have been mailed to businesses and residences as required by SMC 15.17.009. The notice form includes information regarding the proposed vending site dimensions and location, proposed dates and hours of use, comment period dates, as well as information on how the public can comment on the pending application and request a review or reconsideration of a permit decision.

All vending applicants are required to send notices three calendar days before the start of the public notice period by first-class mail to:

  1. All street-level business entities, public entities, and residences located:
    1. Within a 100-foot radius of the vending site, and
    2. On the adjacent and opposing block face of the vending site, and
    3. On the adjoining block face around the corner if the vending site is located within 10 feet of a corner-curb-radius area.
  2. The property manager, homeowner’s association, or apartment manager of all residential units located above:
    1. The adjacent and opposing block face of the proposed vending site, and
    2. On the adjoining block face around the corner if the vending site is located within 10 feet of a corner-curb-radius area.

More information on Street Use Vending

The following tables are updated every Monday and Thursday afternoon.

Instructions for Commenting on a Permit Application

Instructions for Requesting Review or Reconsideration of an Application Decision

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