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SDOT Street Use Inspection

All permits issued by Street Use are subject to inspection. Street Use Inspectors are responsible for enforcing the rules and regulations of the City of Seattle, such as permit conditions, Traffic Control Manual, Ordinances, City Specifications, and the Street and Sidewalk Pavement Opening Policy. This is to ensure that all construction, safety, and accessibility requirements of the permit are met as approved.

If you have questions about when an inspection is required be sure and contact an inspector. The inspector can answer questions or meet with you to help smooth the permitting and inspection process for your project or event.

Working in the right-of-way without a permit can result in fines, removal of unpermitted work, and doubled permit fees.

Please call the Street Use main line (206-684-5283) for any questions.

Street Use Inspectors

North Construction District

Team Lead

Jenelle Trokey

Northwest / Ballard David Ryles


Sandra Petersen

Queen Anne / Magnolia

Jenelle Trokey

University District

Daniel Conn

Downtown/Capitol Hill Construction District

Team Lead

Danny Young


Jon Skinner

South Lake Union/Belltown

Jon Skinner

W. Capitol Hill

Bryan Harris

Capitol Hill

Benito Gonzalez

South Construction District

Team Lead

Dennis Stewart

S Industrial / S Seattle

David Soule

West Seattle M Ted Malveaux


Lorin Rafferty

Street Improvements/Major Projects

Team Lead

William Bou


Mike McCandlish


Tim Stegner


Jack Holliday


Kevin Miller



Mike Houlihan

Public Space Management Permit line: 206-684-5267

Team Lead

Katie Kowalcyzk

Northeast / North

Patti Quirk

Northwest / Ballard / University Ann Siegenthaler

Queen Anne / Magnolia

David Doll

W Seattle / Industrial / S Central Alyse Nelson
Team Lead Kate Leitch
W Capitol Hill / Capitol Hill Patti Quirk

S Lake Union / Belltown

David Doll

Downtown Kate Leitch


Alyse Nelson

Map of Street Use Construction Inspection Districts
Click for larger version

Map of Street Use Non-Construction (Renewables) Inspection Districts
Click for larger version

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