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SDOT Street Use: Applications, Forms & Templates

Permit Application Forms

Permit applications linked below are fillable PDF forms:

Permit Application Types:

Annual Vehicle Permit Application Moving Container And Residential Dumpster
Construction Use Permit Application
Construction Use Permit Modification Application
Utility Permit Application Utility Permit Modification Application
Urban Forestry Permit Application Annual Permit Application
Vending Permit Application Term Permit Application

Pedestrian Mobility Checklist

Applicants whose projects will potentially impact a sidewalk, crosswalk or pedestrian right of way must submit a completed Permittee Checklist for Pedestrian Mobility In and Around Work Zones with their permit application.

Urban Forestry Permit Requirements Checklist

The Urban Forestry Permit Requirements checklist helps you to identify what you need to submit as part of your Urban Forestry Permit application package.

Construction Management Plan Template

Projects with significant impacts to the public right of way may now require a Construction Management Plan (CMP). This early planning tool helps ensure a smooth-running project by identifying potential problems up front. To learn more about this requirement, visit our Construction Management Plan page.

To help you build a CMP, we have the following guide and template available:


Site Plan Templates

Every permit application requires a completed site plan; now we have multiple templates to assist you with that. Below are downloadable text-fillable PDF site plan templates in two formats:

  • 8.5” x 11” for small projects
  • 11”x17” for large projects*

Please note: *The large size templates must be printed on 11”x17” paper. We will not accept large size templates printed on letter or legal-sized paper.

Construction Use & Simple Utility Site Plan Templates

Half Block Alley


Full Block

Half Block Unimproved Alley


Full Block Unimproved

Corner Frontage Unimproved


Corner Frontage





Traffic Control Plan Templates

Traffic Control Plan Base Map web tool

Traffic Control Plan Template - Sidewalk Reroute

Traffic Control Plan Template - Dumpster

Forms and Packets

Street Improvement Permitting (SIP) Forms and Packets

Street Use Pavement Restoration Contractor Application

Letter of Authorization Form

Pole Banner Guidelines

Use Fee Worksheet

Invoice Dispute Form

Holiday Moratorium Exception Request

Pavement Moratorium Waiver Request

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