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SDOT Street Use Annual Permits

Examples of encroachments on the sidewalk in the right-of-way:

Structural retaining walls/rockeries
Sidewalk cafes
Vending carts
Tables and chairs
Merchandise on sidewalks
Sidewalk elevators, doors and/or similar installations

Examples of extensions from buildings encroaching in the right-of-way:

Signs, flags, lights and/or clocks
Balconies, bay windows and/or ramps
Awning stanchions, awning or canopy graphics
Ventilating ducts
Community identifying pole banners, flower baskets

Examples of encroachments in the street right-of-way:

Fenced storage areas
Private utility boxes, fuel tanks, underground vaults and aerial cables, access hatches and/or flood lights
Ramps, floats, moorage structures and/or overhangs in street ends and/or waterways
Equipment operation such as contractor trucks, boom trucks, chippers, mobile cranes and/or concrete pump trucks
Unremoved shoring
Street barricading for private use

Click here for the Annual Permit Application (includes Street Use General Application)

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