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SDOT Street Use Public Space Permits


The Public Space Management group promotes and regulates a vibrant, safe, accessible, and attractive shared right of way. Public space management permits include uses of the right of way by the general public and by businesses. They include both temporary and longer-term uses of the right of way, ranging from a one-night block party to a sidewalk café.

Public Space Management permits for longer-term uses require renewal once a year and include an annual fee—these were formerly known as “annual” permits.

Note: If your proposed project includes construction of a permanent structure in the public right of way for your own personal use, or for the private use of your business, you must sign an acknowledgement confirming you understand that your permit application may not be approved.

One of the more common public space permits issued are vending permits. These can be issued for food trucks that operate from a parked location; and for mobile vehicles that sell flowers or pre-packaged food (ice-cream trucks, for example). These are the only two allowable mobile vending permits.

Vending permits also cover sales at stadiums during sporting or large-scale events; vending from plazas or sidewalks, such as hot dog stands; temporary vending or curb space activity, such as vending at a farmers’ market; and First Amendment vending.


Examples of encroachments on the sidewalk in the right of way:

Structural retaining walls/rockeries
Sidewalk cafes
Vending carts
Tables and chairs
Merchandise on sidewalks
Sidewalk elevators, doors and/or similar installations

Examples of extensions from buildings encroaching in the right of way:

Signs, flags, lights and/or clocks
Balconies, bay windows and/or ramps
Awning stanchions, awning or canopy graphics
Ventilating ducts
Community identifying pole banners, flower baskets

Examples of encroachments in the street right of way:

Fenced storage areas
Private utility boxes, fuel tanks, underground vaults and aerial cables, access hatches and/or flood lights
Ramps, floats, moorage structures and/or overhangs in street ends and/or waterways
Equipment operation such as contractor trucks, boom trucks, chippers, mobile cranes and/or concrete pump trucks
Unremoved shoring
Street barricading for private use


For Public Space Management Annual and Vending Permit application forms, click here
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