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PARK(ing) Day Plus+: September 16 & 17, 2016

PARK(ing) Day happens once a year in September and is an opportunity for Seattleites to rethink how streets can be used. Seattle has participated in this international event since 2007 and given people the opportunity to temporarily turn on-street parking spots into public spaces. The program is intended to encourage creative placemaking while raising awareness about the importance of walkable, livable, and healthy communities.

Due to the overwhelming success of PARK(ing) Day in past years, we're trying out a new expansion of the program in 2016, which we're calling PARK(ing) Day Plus+. This expansion will extend the event for one additional day and allow participants to demonstrate creative street improvement ideas in addition to building temporary pop-up parks.

PARK(ing) Day Plus+ is open to all residents, businesses, and community groups in Seattle, and the guidelines and application are now available online. If you're planning to apply for your own PARK(ing) Day Plus+ project, please note that all applications must be submitted to by August 5. In past years, we've permitted over 50 installations across Seattle and we're hoping for even more in 2016!

If you're interested in participating but need some additional funding for your project, the Department of Neighborhoods is partnering with us this year to offer Small Sparks grants for PARK(ing) Day Plus+ installations. To learn more about this opportunity and how to apply, visit the Neighborhood Matching Fund website or contact or Small Sparks grant applications should be submitted by August 5.

PARK(ing) Day is also a great opportunity to celebrate the parklets and streateries that have opened in Seattle. Parklets and streateries are an outgrowth of PARK(ing) Day and provide a way for businesses and community groups to convert on-street parking into open space on a longer-term basis. Check out the Parklet and Streatery Program website for more information.


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