Safe Routes to School: Wing Luke & Dunlap Elementary Schools

Updated: December 12, 2018

What’s happening now?

As part of the Safe Routes to School program, we’re in the planning phase to make walkway improvements such as new sidewalks, curb bulbs, and trail connections to make it safer and easier for kids to walk and bike to school. Our focus areas are:

  • Crossing improvements at Rainier and Rose
  • New sidewalk on Rose between 46th and 48th
  • Crossing, sidewalk, and Chief Sealth Trail connection improvements on Kenyon near Wing Luke Elementary

Project Overview

This Safe Routes to School project will make it safer and easier for students to walk to Wing Luke and Dunlap Elementary Schools by improving crossings and adding sidewalks in spot locations. We’re currently in the planning phase and we expect to construct the improvements in summer 2020.


Crossing, sidewalks, and Chief Sealth Trail connection improvements on Kenyon near Wing Luke Elementary.

Wing Luke Elementary is currently under construction and will reopen for the start of school in 2020. Their redevelopment project includes a new sidewalk on the south side of S Kenyon St between 37th Ave S and Kenyon Way S. Our Safe Routes to School projects includes a new sidewalk on the north side of S Kenyon St.

Sidewalk improvements map

New sidewalk on south side of S Rose St between 46th and 48th Ave S:

New sidewalk location map

Pedestrian crossing improvements at Rainier Ave S and S Rose St. This project is in coordination with improvements to the Rainier and Rose intersection as part of Rainier Corridor Improvements – Phase 2 and Rainier Transit-Plus Multimodal Corridor.

Pedestrian improvements map


We’re currently in the planning phase. We’ll complete design in 2019, and we expect to construct the improvements in summer 2020.


We’re in the planning phase, so we’d love to hear your feedback on improvements you’d like to see. Please email or call with your thoughts or to set up a meeting: Sara Colling;; 206-727-8697.

Spring 2018 Coffee Chats for Racial Equity Analysis at Wing Luke Elementary and Ethiopian Community in Seattle (including interpreters) SDOT staff provided coffee/pastries and had informal conversations with Wing Luke Elementary parents and Ethiopian Community in Seattle staff/clients to inform our racial equity analysis. We learned about the need to move the crossing at Wing Luke Elementary.
Spring 2018 Walk audit with Wing Luke Elementary Learned about Wing Luke Elementary’s school reconstruction project and started ongoing coordination to ensure the projects align
October 14, 2018 Pavement 2 Parks opening event at Rainier and Rose Asked for input on current issues and potential improvements to crossing at Rainier and Rose


This project is funded by the 9-year Levy to Move Seattle, approved by voters in 2015 and our local Safe Routes to School program.

Nearby Projects

Our project team is in close coordination with following nearby projects:

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