Employer Shared Transit Stop Pilot

The City of Seattle and King County Metro are collaborating with Seattle Children's Hospital and Microsoft to conduct a six-month pilot that will allow these participating organizations' employer-provided shuttles to temporarily share a select set of public transit stops with King County Metro buses. This pilot was carefully developed by the participating public, private and non-profit agencies over the last two years. To pilot project will test the feasibility of allowing employer-provided shuttles to use public transit stops while minimizing impacts to public transit operations.

This pilot will be evaluated by Seattle Department of Transportation and King County Metro representatives using a set of agreed upon performance metrics and evaluation criteria. Should the pilot be deemed successful, it may be expanded to include additional local employers with workforce shuttle systems as well as more public transit stops.

The pilot launched April 24.  The map on this page shows the 11 public transit stops designated by King County Metro and approved by SDOT where employer-provided shuttles will be allowed to stop.  Participating employers will pay a permit fee to use the stops.  Special signage will designate each stop as a shuttle location. We will monitor and assess operational issues, which will help determine the potential long-term viability of a permanent program. 

Employee Chuttle Pilot Map


C Children's
Other Bus Stop
M Microsoft
Transit Routes
ZoneOn StreetCross StreetIntDir
2180 Queen Anne Ave N W Harrison St FS S
10562 Sand Point Way NE 40th Ave NE FM N
11420 15th Ave East East Mercer St FS S
12340 E Madison St 25th Ave E FS W
13250 19th Ave E E Harrison St FS S
25200 NE 45th St Union Bay Pl NE FM W
25765 Montlake Blvd NE NE Pacific Pl FS N
29720 NW Market St 20th Ave NW FS W
29920 NE 45th St Mary Gates Memorial FS E
31970 California Ave SW SW Spokane St FS S
37920 NE 65th St 39th Ave NE NS W