Judkins Park Station Area Curbspace Access

October 17, 2022

What's Happening Now?

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) and Sound Transit recently completed a parking study for the East Link Judkins Park Station Area. The study results, which are currently being analyzed by the project team, will help inform curb space management strategies that address parking and access for the area.

SDOT will engage with the Judkins Park Station Area community as strategies are developed to improve access for residents and other stakeholders in the area.

Project Background and Purpose

The opening of the future Judkins Park light rail station will bring increased demand for access in the surrounding area. As part of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process, Sound Transit is required to mitigate certain impacts in neighborhoods near new light rail station areas, with the EIS calling out areas within ¼ mile of the new light rail station. Sound Transit and SDOT have an agreement to work together on these mitigation efforts, with SDOT taking the lead in implementing changes. Using a combination of technical parking studies, parking management tools and input from the community, SDOT will create a curb space management strategy that will be guided by the following goals: 

  • Balance the needs of various users of curb space in the new station area
  • Prevent all-day commuter parking on neighborhood streets
  • Minimize the parking and mobility impacts of the new Judkins Park light rail station on surrounding neighbors, businesses, and organizations
  • Promote walk, bike, and transit connections to/from the new light rail station

Community Outreach

Starting in 2023, SDOT will engage communities around the future Judkins Park light rail station to gather feedback and understand concerns that will help inform strategies for managing curb space in the neighborhood. This will include community meetings, mailers, social media outreach, blogposts and potentially door-to-door outreach. Any new Restricted Parking Zones (RPZs) require a public hearing.

Project Parking Study Area

Map of Judkins Park Study Area

Initial Timeline (as of October 2022)



Q1 2023

Publish area parking study and send out initial proposal with survey

Q3-Q4 2023

Draft proposal/RPZ Public Hearing


Final Plan and Implementation

Outreach - Past Meetings and Materials

October 20, 2022 – Jackson Place Community Council Presentation