Little Brook Sidewalks

Updated: March 22, 2021

What’s happening now?

Based on the early input we received from neighbors, we are finalizing the design for sidewalk and walkway improvements on 32nd Ave NE and NE 143rd St in Little Brook.

As shown in the graphics below, these improvements include new sidewalks on the west side of 32nd Ave NE between NE 143rd St and NE 145th St and a new painted walkway on the north side of NE 143rd St between 30th Ave NE and Lake City Way NE.

We plan to start construction on these improvements as soon as late May and we will soon be sharing updates with neighbors about specific construction timelines.  

Project Overview

Little Brook is a rapidly growing neighborhood lacking sidewalks at key locations. This project will improve walkability by constructing new sidewalks and walkways on 32nd Ave NE and NE 143rd St to fill gaps in the sidewalk network and connect people walking to transit, businesses, and community destinations.

The project will provide a safer, more comfortable, and more accessible route for walking and rolling along these streets while helping to improve drainage and slow down driver speeds on residential streets.


With our city growing, we have to accommodate all modes of travel (walking, biking, driving, and transit) and provide safe ways to do so. The current parking configuration will be changed to parallel to make room for the new sidewalks and walkways. 


This project will happen in two phases. Phase One (Installation of sidewalks and walkways along 32nd Ave NE) will begin as soon as late May. Phase Two (Painted walkways on 143rd) will begin after the completion of Phase One. We will share updates as they are available. Construction is expected to last for 3-4 months. 

Project Area

Project area boundaries between NE 145th St and NE 143rd St and 30th Ave NE and Lake City Way NE

32nd Ave NE Proposed Section (Looking north)

Profile of 32nd Ave NE with sidewalk, planting strip, parking, and travel lane.

Project Background

In 2019, the Little Brook Sidewalks project was one of 15 projects selected by the Levy to Move Seattle Oversight Committee to be funded through SDOT’s Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) Program. The project, located on 32nd Ave NE and NE 143rd St in Little Brook, aims to improve walkability in Little Brook through the construction of new sidewalk and walkway improvements.


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