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Play Streets: Hosting a Play Street

I want a Play Street! How can make it happen?

To get started, you'll need to complete a simple (and free!) application to obtain the permit. Before completing the application, please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Before Submitting an Application

Before applying, talk with all the neighbors who are potentially impacted.  This can be through door-to-door conversations, an email, or a flyer.  We've made a sample flyer that you can use, or make your own!

Also, give some thought to how your Play Street will be set up – is it a full block or a portion?  Safety for people in the street is very important to us, so we have some rules about how to barricade your street while people are playing which may inform your site plan. To see our set-up requirements, please click here.


To obtain a Play Street permit, you need to complete the following application.  Please allow 30 days for review.




Pre-Game Play Street

To host a Pre-Game Play Street select the team and schedule below and attached it to your application.    

You can also propose your own days and times based on your favorite team, just keep in mind Play Streets are a maximum of three days a week, a maximum of six hours per day, and only during daylight hours.

What's next?

  1. After you submit your application, our review team will ensure your Play Street meets the requirements and email you the permit or ask additional questions.  YOUR PERMIT IS NOT VALID at this point.  You must sign and return your permit via email for it to be valid.
  2. You will need to pick up signage and safety vests for barricade monitors (please present a copy of your permit for these).  These are borrowed and will need to be cleaned and returned when you're done using them.  These are available at from either our Street Use counter (700 5th Ave, Floor 23) or at one of our Customer Service Centers.
  3. If your Play Street abuts an arterial, rent or purchase a Type-3 barricade (to find rental companies search "rent type 3 barricade Seattle")
  4. Lastly, publicize your event to the neighbors in advance of the first event. 
  5. Get out there and play!
  6. After the event, it's a good idea to check back in with neighbors to determine if modifications are needed. 


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