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April 5, 2017

Play Streets Program

The sun is finally returning, which means it's time to get new applications in for the summer season of the Play Streets program! If you'd like to host a play street between now and September 31, 2017, click here for info on how to apply.

Since 2013, over 350 play streets have been held in the neighborhoods of Seattle. With a quick and easy permit, families and neighbors can get together and play close to home. While kids play, neighbors can meet, and the possibilities for fun are only limited by your imagination (and sometimes weather).

SDOT's Public Space Management program makes it easy for people to use their streets in new and creative ways. Play streets offer an opportunity to expand the use of our streets and provide more places for people.

What is a play street?

A play street closes a neighborhood street to traffic so that kids (and adults) can have more space for play and physical activity. School play streets provide additional space for recess, arrivals, or other special activities, like a field day. Community play streets help neighbors create more space for play during the summer or after school.

For more information on the program and steps to apply, you can read our helpful handbook.

What are the benefits of play streets?

Play streets give kids of all ages more space to be active. Neighbors working together to organize a play street can help to build community. And moving traffic off a street—even for a few hours—helps us all remember that streets are for people. Most importantly, play streets support FUN for everyone. We all need more chances to play!

Where are play streets?

Play streets are found in almost every neighborhood in the city. We regularly update this map as play street permits are issued, so check in to see if there's a play street near where you live. (Blue tags are upcoming or recurring play streets. Red tags are previous play streets).


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