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Pike People Street

We want your feedback on this years tests! Whether youre a nearby resident, worker, business owner/manager, or visitor, please take this quick survey. The continued feedback from a diversity of voices in the community has greatly informed our testing work.

We are excited to announce that we have rescheduled a Pike People Street test for December 8th from 4PM-10PM to coincide with the regularly scheduled Capitol Hill Art Walk! The community has expressed great interest in exploring the idea of pairing a Pike People Street with an art walk, so we are trying out this configuration before we complete our 2016 project analysis.

Test configuration maps

For more details on this year's test events, please see our Action Plan 2016.

If you'd be interested in helping activate the street during one of these testing events, please fill out this simple application form. If you have art to show, a performance to give, a game to play, a cool piece of furniture to share, or are a business on the block that wants to spill outside, let us know.

This plan was informed by community feedback collected through emails, focus groups, personal conversations, and a community design workshop. We encourage you to take a look through our draft action plan to understand the project's background and goals.

Project Background

On three Saturday nights in August 2015, E Pike St was open to pedestrians only between Broadway and 12th Avenue to pilot a nighttime pedestrian street concept. Read the post-pilot report for the full results and recommendations.

The idea of periodically closing Pike/Pine to auto traffic had been circling for at least four years from both community stakeholders and City departments, with interests varying from placemaking, safety, business, and mobility. Given this growing interest, the City and community partners wanted to have a broader conversation about the idea and what it might look like.

Initial options considered were weekend nights, a Sunday daytime, and Thursday Art Walk. There was enough interest to pursue a summer pilot focused on a nighttime pedestrian street concept to address the overcrowded sidewalks on busy weekend nights. The other options weren't explored due to concerns about access during business hours and funding/organizational capacity.
There has also been interest in including fun programming in the street that celebrates the neighborhood identity. To both relieve pedestrian congestion and make the most of this high level of street life, we've continued exploring what a Pike People Street could be like.

Neighborhood Details

Pike/Pine is a dense center of residential and commercial activity, and it will only become busier in the coming years. About 32,530 people live in the First Hill - Capitol Hill Urban Village Demographic Area and 86,850 people live in Council District 3, of which Pike/Pine is a part.

Over 65 businesses are located in the six-block area we focused on. With new buildings coming in that have ground-level storefronts, this number will also be expanding.

On a typical summer weekend night, we observed 25,000-30,000 people walking in the area. When the neighborhood was originally laid-out, they didn't anticipate this level of activity on the streets. Pike People Street aims to take this limited street space and create the appropriate balance between vehicle access, pedestrian mobility, and streetscape activation.


We'd be happy to talk by email, on the phone, or in person.

Phone: 206-615-1035
Mail: PO BOX 34996
Seattle, WA 98104

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