RPZs – Types of permits and fees

Decal permits for residents

Decal permits are for residents with a vehicle registered at an eligible address. Permits cost $65. Most permits renew on a two-year cycle. These permits are non-transferrable.

Guest permits for residents

Guest permits are $30 when purchased with a decal, or $65 when purchased alone.

Some zones are partially or fully subsidized by nearby major institutions. Please check the webmap.

Low-income permits

Low-income permits cost $10 and are available for households that indicate a financial burden. Click here for a low-income permit application.

To qualify for a low-income permit please submit your application with one of the following types of documentation:

  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance card (formerly food stamps)
  • Energy assistance from Seattle City Light or Puget Sound Energy
  • Rental assistance from Seattle Housing Authority (Section 8) or copy of rental agreement in SHA property
  • Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) check or stub
  • Lease/rental agreement from Plymouth Housing, CHHIP, or other low-income housing providers
  • Proof of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) – NOT regular Social Security income
  • Issuance of King County Metro Transit Low-Income Fare Card (ORCA LIFT)
  • Other documentation considered on an individual basis

60-day Temporary Permits

60-day temporary permits can be issued if you are waiting to update your vehicle registration to your eligible address.

To request a temporary RPZ application, first click here to verify that you live at an RPZ-eligible address. If your address is in an RPZ, email rpzinfo@seattle.gov (please include your name and address) and we will email or fax the application to you. Temporary permits cost $25.00 for each 60-day period. We will only issue two consecutive 60-day permits.

Temporary permits may be used by both residents and visitors.

10-day Temporary Permits

When you apply for permits you will receive a 10-day temporary permit to use until you receive your permanent permits in the mail.

Single-Day Temporary Permits

Single-day guest permits are available for $1 each. They are not available in Zones A and B. You may use up to five per day, up to a total of 50 per year per address. Click here for an single-day application.

Permits for businesses

Southeast Seattle Light Rail Zones

If your business is located within a Southeast Link Light Rail Zone (Zone 16, 28, 29, 30, or 31), employees are eligible for RPZ permits, including an unlimited number of decals for employees or volunteers, and up to two guest permits. One person from the business must submit an affidavit with vehicle information for each employee or volunteer, as well as a City of Seattle Business License.

Businesses in all other areas

SDOT considers requests for Restricted Parking Zone (RPZ) permits for employees within an RPZ based on specific criteria. More information about this process.

After reading the information sheet, if you think your business would meet the criteria, please click here for an initial business application. We will then evaluate your request and let you know if you qualify for permits.

Questions? Please call us at (206) 684-5086. We can be reached Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.