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3rd Ave Arterial Paving Project (Virginia St to Broad St)

Updated March 2, 2017

Project Overview

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) will repave 3rd Ave through Belltown (Virginia St to Broad St), beginning as early as mid-April 2017.  The project is expected to take about ten months to complete, presenting challenges in a neighborhood densely populated with both office and residential uses, as well as a major bus route.  




Come to our drop-in session to learn more about construction:

Tuesday, April 4
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Belltown Community Center
415 Bell St

Project Components

The street is currently composed of a mix of concrete panels and asphalt.  We will remove all of the asphalt and replace it with concrete panels, which will last longer than asphalt.  Existing curb lane concrete panels will be replaced where needed, specifically broken panels and/or those that have previously been cut into for repairs or for utility service connections (which makes them more susceptible to failure). 

In addition to repaving the street, the project includes:

  • Replacing curb ramps at some intersections to bring them into compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Sidewalks will otherwise not be impacted.
  • Replacing and/or repairing sections of water mains and sewer lines (which will lengthen the duration of construction).  This will require water shutoffs, most likely to be done at night when the impact will be the least.
  • Installing electrical conduit at select locations.
  • Expanding both the northbound and southbound bus zones at Virginia St in order to better accommodate the large number of buses using these stops.

Construction Sequencing and Impacts

The project will be divided into 4 work zones of about 2 to 3 blocks each in order to minimize the amount of time construction is taking place at any location.  The contractor will largely complete construction in one zone before moving onto the next.  The zones are:

  • Virginia St to midblock north of Lenora St
  • Midblock north of Lenora St to Battery St
  • Battery St to midblock of Vine St
  • Midblock north of Vine St to Broad St

3rd Ave will remain open to traffic throughout construction, although will be reduced to a single lane in each direction in the active construction zone.  On-street parking will temporarily be prohibited at construction locations.

The water main and sewer line work will require some water shutoffs, which are expected to occur at night, when the impact would be the least.  Weekend work will be necessary at those intersections that are heavily used by Metro during the week.  Other construction will occur during standard work hours.

SDOT is working closely with King County Metro so that buses continue to operate during construction, although individual bus stops may be temporarily closed or moved.  (To minimize the impact to bus riders, Metro policy prohibits the simultaneous closure of bus stops next to one another.)

SDOT will host an open house regarding the project in late March or early April.  Information about the date, time, and location will be posted on this site as soon as available.  Any interested parties are encouraged to attend.

Public Outreach

SDOT is committed to engaging with the community and understanding the needs of the project area.  Nearby businesses and residences will receive updated information as the plans for construction evolve.

Project Funding

The estimated cost of this project is $9.3 million, with funding from the voter-approved Move Seattle Levy.

Project Map

Questions or Comments?

Paul Elliott
Project Communications Lead
(206) 684-5321

Brian Glas
Project Manager

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