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Seattle Pilot Parklet Program

More Parklets Now Open!

Update (December 10): This fall saw the opening of three parklets in Wallingford, the Central District, and Downtown. A new parklet in Uptown will also soon be in construction.

The Chromer Building Parklet, now open at 1516 2nd Ave, provides public seating, tables, planters, bike parking, and art programming space in the downtown core. This parklet, hosted by Urban Visions, is the first parklet to open Downtown and the fifth to open in the Pilot Parklet Program.

People enjoying the new amenities at the Chromer Building Parklet

The parklets in Wallingford (hosted by Molly Moon’s at 1622 N 45th St) and the Central District (hosted by Cortona Café at 2425 E Union St) both opened in late September and have already become popular neighborhood gathering places.

Left to right: opening celebrations at the Wallingford and Central District parklets

SDOT is now working with the 10 other organizations in the pilot program to permit and install their parklets.

Visit the Seattle Pilot Parklet Designs Page or click on the map below to learn more about the locations of all 15 parklets in Seattle’s Pilot Parklet Program.

Parklets convert on-street parking spots into public spaces for all Seattleites to enjoy. They are a cost-effective tool for increasing our city’s public open space, and have added to the vitality of neighborhoods around the world.

San Francisco launched the first parklet program in 2009, and cities around the world have introduced their own programs since. San Francisco itself now boasts more than 80 parklets and adds more every year.

As part of Seattle’s Public Space Management Program, the Pilot Parklet Program explores whether a permanent parklet program is a good fit for Seattle. Parklets aim to activate streets, create more vibrant neighborhoods, and support economic vitality. SDOT is committed to ensuring that the public right-of-way serves the traveling public—pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, freight, and drivers—and the people living and working along it. The Pilot Parklet Program will create new public spaces while still maintaining a healthy parking supply and ensuring our streets continue to efficiently move people and goods.

SDOT is working with local businesses and community organizations to permit pilot parklets in Seattle. Three parklets were designed and permitted in 2013 as part of the first phase of the pilot program, and SDOT has selected 12 additional parklet locations to move through the permitting process for construction in 2014. City staff will evaluate the success of the pilot parklets throughout the year and make a formal recommendation about a permanent parklet program later this year.

Having a hard time getting your head around the concept? Check out the parklets that have been built and are planned in Seattle neighborhoods or head on over to our gallery of parklets around the world to take a peek at parklets in cities like San Francisco, New York, and Montreal.

Got questions? Take a peek at our parklet FAQ, and feel free to contact us if you’ve got more. Interested in sponsoring a parklet? Give How to Build a Parklet a read to get a better sense of what’s involved. Curious to learn more? Check out a brief parklet history.

Left: Chinatown/ID parklet at 519 6th Ave S; Top right: Central District parklet at 2425 E Union St; Bottom right: Wallingford parklet at 1622 N 45th St

Seattle Parklet Locations

Permitting is underway for more parklets in Seattle! Check out the locations below:

Pilot Program Timeline

December 3, 2014 — Urban Visions parklet to open downtown at 1516 2nd Ave

Fall and Winter 2014  SDOT evaluates pilot parklets and prepares pilot program evaluation report

Late 2014 SDOT presents a recommendation on a permanent parklet program to Mayor

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