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Parking in Seattle: Sunday Time Limits in Pioneer Square and the Waterfront

Parking Changes are Coming to the Central Waterfront

Paid parking is not in effect on Sundays in the City of Seattle and most time limits are enforced Monday-Saturday except for Holidays.  Note the restrictions posted on the block where you park. 

An exception to no regulations on Sunday are free time limits posted along the Seattle Waterfront and in Pioneer Square.  The map on this page shows the approximate area where signs are posted and sign images are provided below.  Always check posted restrictions where you park.

R8-2HRSUN.bmp R8-4HRSUN.bmp






See below for more information and answers to questions regarding Sunday time limits:

Q: Will parking still be free on Sundays?
A: Yes parking on Sundays is free, but posted Sunday time limits are enforced.

Q: When are Sunday time limits be in effect?
A: Sunday time limits are in effect from 10 am to 6pm.  Time-limits on Monday through Saturday are generally in effect from 8 am to 8 pm, but this varies throughout the City.  Always check posted signs.

Q: Are there options to park longer than 2 or 4 hours in this area on Sundays?  A: Yes! Streets outside the area shown in the above map do not have time limits on Sundays.  In addition, low rate off-street parking is available in many garages in the area.  Visit for more information.

Q: Why are there time limits on Sundays?
A: Just like other days of the week, time limits improve parking availability and turnover in business areas which provides customer and visitor access to these areas. Without time limits, a single vehicle can occupy a parking space in front of a business all day.  With time limits, a single space can serve many short term customers looking for short term parking close to their destination.

Q: Are the time limits working? 
A: Yes, before/after studies and comparisons to adjacent blocks show that areas with Sunday time limits have greater parking availability while serving a larger number of unique vehicles throughout the day.  In other words, more people are quickly finding short term parking. 

For more information on Sunday time limits contact Jonathan Williams at 206-733-9026 or

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