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Pay Station Info

Pay Station Features

  • Pay stations accept credit cards (not Discover), debit cards, or coins
  • You can park prior to paid parking times, and pre-purchase parking time the previous evening


  • If you did not receive a receipt, your credit card should not be charged. Please try again, following instructions in the dynamic screen carefully. If you are unable to obtain a receipt using a credit card, please use coins. Do not leave your vehicle parked without a valid receipt.
  • If you are unable to obtain a receipt from a pay station, please purchase a receipt at another nearby pay station that displays the same maximum parking duration.
  • During paid parking hours, please call (206) 684-5260 for help or to report a problem. If this is not urgent or you prefer to e-mail, please send your request to

Parking Rules

If you are going to park in a paid parking area, you must:

  • Pay for parking during the times posted
  • Properly display a valid receipt (see illustration on receipt or on the front of the pay station)
  • Display only one receipt at a time
  • Only use a 10-hour receipt on a 10-hour block
  • Not park during restricted hours posted on street signs
  • Not park on the same block longer than the maximum time posted for your space
  • Not transfer a receipt to another vehicle

Motorcycle/scooter users:

  • Must display a valid receipt on the headlamp
  • May park more than one motorcycle/scooter per space (each must display a receipt in a pay station space)
  • May write license number on displayed receipt to deter theft



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