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Tow-Away Zones

Tow-Away Zones

Tow-Away Zones are indicated by sign text or red curb on a public street. No parking or stopping, even temporarily, is allowed, and vehicles are subject to immediate removal and impound. Tow-Away Zone signs may appear by themselves or in combination with other regulations.

If you think your car has been towed, call SPD Automobile Records Unit at (206) 684-5444 (24/7) or click here.

Retrieving an Impounded Vehicle

The City contracts with Lincoln Towing at (206) 364-2000 to perform impounds. The registered vehicle owner must bring appropriate documentation, including vehicle title, registration, current valid Driver's License, and/or a copy of the rental contract if the vehicle was rented (including car-sharing).

Fees for Impounded Vehicles

To retrieve your vehicle, towing and storage fees (and applicable administrative fee) must be paid to the towing company at the time of vehicle retrieval. Towing fees and storage fees vary.

Contesting the impound

If you wish to contest the impound, you can request an impound hearing at the tow company or at the Seattle Municipal Court. Click here for more info from the Seattle Municipal Court.

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