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Paid Parking

Click here for a table of current parking rates and hours of operation. Click on this map to find the best rates near your destination. The information in this map will be updated as changes occur. 

SDOT adjusts rates, time limits and paid hours of operation in order to:

  • Help customers reliably find parking within easy walking distance of their destinations, while ensuring spaces are well used
  • Conserve fuel, reduce emissions, and lessen traffic congestion from drivers circling in search of parking
  • Increase access to businesses by ensuring turnover of parked cars

Based on City policy, SDOT's goal is to have one to two available spaces on a block throughout the day, which translates to a target occupancy range of 70% – 85%. At that occupancy, parking is well utilized, and customers and visitors can reliably find an available space.

Watch Our Performance-Based Parking Pricing Video

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New Smart Parking Pay Station Installation!

The Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) is pleased to partner with the IPS Group, the city’s new parking pay station vendor. IPS is an industry leader in smart parking technology. SDOT installed the first new pay stations in the Pioneer Square neighborhood in April and May 2015. SDOT is installing new pay stations throughout the rest of 2015 and 2016 in all paid parking neighborhoods. Please click here for more information.

Meet our new pay stations in this fun video!


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