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Community Parking Program

To help better serve the variety of Pike/Pine parking needs, SDOT installed new parking regulations in the fall and winter of 2009. The changes include new 2-hour time limit signs, restricted parking zone spaces, and 2-hour and 10-hour paid parking spaces.

You can see the final plan mailing that went out to project area residents, businesses, and property owners, here. The slideshow below includes background information, details on the final plan, before and after parking maps, and more – take a look! (Note: slideshow is best viewed at your own pace).

If you have questions or comments about these changes, please contact Ruth Harper, (206) 684-4103, or

Final plan details:

  • A combination of 2-hour, 3-hour, and 10-hour paid parking replaced time limited and unrestricted parking west of 12th Ave*
  • Zones 4 and 21 have been expanded Some RPZ blocks had 2-hour pay stations added to them (valid RPZ permit holders are exempt from paid parking rates)
  • New 2-hour time limit signs replaced 1-hour time limits and unrestricted parking east of 12th Ave
  • New on-street bike parking (coming in 2010)

* 2-hour and 3-hour paid parking will cost $2/hour. 10-hour paid parking will cost $1.25/hour

SDOT made these changes to:

  • Provide more reliable customer and resident access
  • Promote more dependable parking turnover in high demand areas and where compliance with existing signs is poor
  • Enhance neighborhood livability

Project background

In early 2008, SDOT began assessing Pike/Pine parking. With the help of groups like the Pike/Pine Urban Neighborhood Council, the Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce, and the Capitol Hill Community Council, we worked together to identify challenges and opportunities. A parking study also helped to tell a story and further identify parking issues.

Data and conversations with the community pointed out that parking is very well used in Pike/Pine, particularly at night. It also uncovered that existing pay stations are fairly well used and complied with, but that time limit signs are often not complied with. When this happens, spaces aren’t turning over, and people have a harder time finding a short-term parking space. These types of findings helped us develop the final plan.

Project materials


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