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Community Access and Parking Program Pike/Pine

Updated May 31, 2016


SDOT is working in the Pike/Pine area of Capitol Hill through the Community Access and Parking Program. The goal of this effort is to work with the neighborhood on overall access and on-street parking management.

Why is this happening?

SDOT works in 2-3 neighborhoods per year on parking and neighborhood access through the Community Access and Parking Program.

Pike/Pine is a vital and thriving business district that attracts customers and visitors from around the region.  At the same time it is also welcoming new residents and new developments that increase the demand for parking, loading, and overall access to the neighborhood.

What do we know about parking today?

Paid parking areas:

SDOT collects parking data annually in all paid parking areas of the City.  In Pike/Pine, paid street parking is generally at capacity from around 5:30 PM until after midnight, as shown in the below graph from SDOT's 2015 Annual Paid Parking Report.

Free parking areas:

SDOT conducted occupancy and duration studies in the unpaid parking areas on and east of 12th Ave along Pike/Pine corridor. In these areas we have found:

  • Parking is generally full by 9 AM and over 90% occupancy for most of the day
  • Most vehicles stay longer than posted time limits and many vehicles move from one block to another throughout the day

What is being evaluated?

This effort will focus on the Pike/Pine Urban Village Neighborhood, and the effort will include the following items:

  • Document supply, price, and availability of off-street parking
  • Use intercept survey to understand how, why, and when customers and visitors travel to the business district
  • Explore areas where adding time limits or paid parking are appropriate
  • Review RPZ blocks
  • Outreach on load zones in the neighborhood
  • Review options to improve evening parking availability
  • Review options to improve Sunday parking availability
  • Review need for bicycle parking

Project meetings and materials

Meeting presentations and materials:

October 6, 2014:  Pike/Pine Parking Meeting Presentation

January 13, 2015: Pike/Pine Parking Meeting Presentation

Project reports, documents, and past changes:

October/November 2014: Pike/Pine Customer and Visitor Intercept Survey

October 2014: Pike/Pine Off-Street Parking Study

April 2015: 10 hour spaces on Broadway Court and 10th Ave converted to 4 hour parking

When was the last time SDOT changed parking in the neighborhood?

SDOT last looked at parking management in Pike/Pine in early 2008, rolling out changes in 2009 that included additional paid parking, additional RPZ blocks, changes in time limits, and new on-street bike parking. Here are documents from the 2008 effort:

How can I get involved?

If you have questions or comments about the Pike-Pine Community Access and Parking Program, please contact Jonathan Williams of SDOT at 206.733.9026 or

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