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Pay by Phone Parking is here!

Parking pay by phone service is available in all paid on-street parking areas in Seattle.

 How does parking by phone works?

  • Call 1-888-515-7275, go to or download the free paybyphone app (all one word). Sign up and follow directions to register your cars with a credit card.
  • After parking, look for the Location Number on a nearby pay by phone parking sign or at the closest pay station on your side of the street. Do not use a Location Number on a different street.
  • Enter Location Number, choose correct vehicle license plate number, desired length of stay, and confirm your payment.

In 2012, SDOT brought on PayByPhone ( after a competitive vendor procurement process. PaybyPhone offers services in many Seattle private lots and garages and in 180 cities in North America and Europe. PayByPhone adds a $0.35 fee per transaction.

What Are the Benefits?

  • No need to visit the pay station and return to your car with a receipt
  • Optional text message reminders before your parking time expires
  • Extend parking time remotely (if time available) from any phone to avoid tickets
  • Pay for parking from the comfort and safety of your vehicle
  • View and print parking receipts online through

Where can I pay by phone?
Pay by phone is allowed on any block with a pay by phone sign.

What do signs look like?
Look for new pay by phone parking signs at every pay station with a unique Location Number.

You must use the correct Location Number for the side of the street that you are parked. Parking by phone payment is NOT portable as it is with pay stations. DO NOT use a location number from across the street or around the corner.

How does enforcement work?
Nothing changes at the pay station, and pay by phone users do not need a receipt to display on their vehicle. When they pay by phone, Seattle Police Department Parking Enforcement will see their payment status automatically in real time on their enforcement equipment.

What if I get a parking citation related to pay by phone that I believe is in error?
If you believe you have received a parking citation in error, please contact the Seattle Municipal Court following the instructions on the back of the ticket. You can log into your paybyphone account and print out records of appropriate transactions. Please print out copies to bring or send to the Seattle Municipal Court. They will not accept visual inspection of your phone as proof. More info is here at

Can I pay for parking for the next morning with my phone?
At this time, overnight pre-payment (between 10 PM to 4 AM the next morning) is not possible with pay by phone. SDOT and PayByPhone are working to improve this service by the end of the year. Please go to pay station to pay between 10 PM and 4 AM.

After 4 AM, please enter the total time to park (e.g., if at 5 AM, enter 5 hours total to pay to park from 8 AM to 10 AM—3 hours for 5 AM to 8 AM and 2 hours for 8 AM to 10 AM). You will only be charged for the time purchased during paid parking hours.

What if I have a specialty license plate?
If you have a Washington State issued specialty plate, you need to enter the full license plate number as it reads on your vehicle registration. For example, if you have a University of Washington plate, use W12345.

Paying by NFC or QR code
Customers with near field communications (NFC) capable smartphones can “tap” the NFC logo at pay station to initiate streamlined payment. Scanning QR code opens mobile

Is it safe to make a credit card transaction on my smartphone?
Yes. Your credit card number is encrypted when you sign up and is never entered, displayed, or spoken during transactions. The City does not store or retain your credit card number.

What does the program cost the City?
The City does not pay fees to PayByPhone for this service. The vendor adds a 35 cent fee per transaction to cover their costs. SDOT has used approximately $220,000 in city General Fund dollars for enforcement integration and equipment, associated pay station fees and public education.

What kind of mobile device can be used with PayByPhone?
Any smartphone, such as Apple, Android or Blackberry works, as well as any wireless enabled tablet. For Windows phones, use

As a business or association, how can I promote parking pay by phone to my customers?
SDOT has educational materials available for businesses and associations to promote parking pay by phone. Click here for more info.

Have other questions about using PayByPhone?  Please visit

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