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Oversized vehicles and loads

Annual and Short-Term Oversized Truck Permits

These vehicles and loads exceed the maximum height, weight, width, and/or length, specified by state law. All oversized vehicles and loads traveling within Seattle must obtain a permit to operate. City law allows SDOT to issue these permits. Click HERE for additional information about Oversized Vehicles and Loads.

Conditions of Use

How to get an Oversized Truck Permit.

How much does it cost?

Over-Size Permit Fees: for trucks that exceed licensed dimensions

Over-width, over-height and/or over length (single trip) $18.00
Over-width, over-height and/or over length (thirty-day) $60.00
Over-width, over-height and/or over length (annual) $290.00
Fleet Permits (for holders of two $290.00 annual oversize permits) (annual) $24.00

Overweight Permit Fees for trucks whose gross weight exceeds license weight.

Short Term Permit (additional tonnage only) (single trip) $24.00
Short Term Over Dimensional and Overweight (single trip) $42.00
Annual Permits per gross weight range:
0001 – 11,999 lbs. $360.00
12,000 – 23,999lbs. $420.00
24,000 – 35,999 lbs. $480.00
36,000 – 47,999 lbs $540.00
48,000 – 59,999 lbs. $600.00
60,000 – 71,999 lbs. $660.00
72,000 – 79,999 lbs. $720.00

PLEASE NOTE: For ANNUAL permits, if vehicle is both Over Dimensional and Overweight, the fees in the table above will be added to the $290 annual permit fee. Annual Permit fees are prorated quarterly.

Additional information
Truck Streets Seaport Connectors Freight Intermodal Connectors

WSDOT’s bridge vertical clearances trip planner can help you route your trip on state routes and bridges only. More at

Truck Validations and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Officer (CVEO) Escorts

If you are entering/exiting the City of Seattle with an over-legal load using a state or western regional permit, you are required to obtain a City of Seattle validation number before moving the load on City streets.

For holders of City of Seattle Annual Over-legal permits, a validation number is required for loads that exceed the dimensions listed on the permits.

Generally, over-legal loads requiring a City of Seattle Commercial Vehicle Enforcement escort will be moved between the hours of 4:00 AM and 6:00 AM.

Permit Validation Numbers

Permit validation numbers reflect day-to-day routes and streets to be used by oversized vehicles and loads in Seattle. These numbers work in conjunction with other oversized vehicles and loads permits issued. Avoid citations from Seattle enforcement officers by obtaining validation numbers in advance and using authorized routes.

  • Validation numbers are free and quick to obtain. You can get them over the phone by calling SDOT at (206) 684-5086.
  • Numbers must be posted on original permit and obtained daily up to 24 hours in advance
  • Must reflect daily routes meant for transport by oversized vehicles and loads on city streets

City of Seattle Commercial Vehicle Enforcement escort fees:

Cost per hour per officer: $200.00

Minimum number of hours: Weekdays, 2 hours Weekends, 3 hours Holidays, 4 hours

Seattle Department of Transportation: Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, Traffic Management Division ~ (206) 684-5086

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