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SDOT Transportation Infrastructure Inventory

Updated: December 3, 2013

This is an inventory of the major transportation infrastructure assets owned by SDOT. For a complete list of the assets, please refer to the 2010 Status and Condition Report. The total estimated replacement value  is in excess of $13.0 billion.

Asset Class


Inventory / Inventory Value

Bicycle/Pedestrian System

Bicycle Racks

2,545 racks  

Replacement value: $1.82 million

Marked Crosswalks

4,924 crosswalks

Replacement value: $2.64 million

Sidewalk System:


  • Sidewalks
  • Curbs
  • Filler
  • Curb ramps

Replacement value: $2.80 billion (does not include drainage improvements

33,226 block faces
26,712 curb ramps


494 stairways / 34,775 linear feet

Replacement value: $37,290,000


39.4 lane miles of 12-foot-wide trails

Replacement value: $84.5 million


Pavement Markings:


Pavement delineators, legends, hatchings, stop lines, parking space, curb markings

Replacement value: $4 million


1,318 4-inch–wide lane-line miles of pavement delineators

Intelligent Traffic Signs

Dynamic Message Signs

35 message signs

Replacement value: $3,750,000

Radar Speed Signs

20 speed signs

Replacement value: $150,000

Parking Payment Devices

Pay Stations

2,207 pay stations (installed starting in 2004)

Replacement value: $27,700,000

Pavement System


  • Arterial
    • Principal
    • Minor
    • Collector


  • Non-arterial


Replacement value: $2.80 billion 617 12-foot-wide lane miles
567 12-foot-wide lane miles
347 12-foot-wide lane miles

2,412 12-foot-wide lane miles

Replacement value: $3.50 billion

Real Property


106 parcels and ROW remnants


8 buildings

Regulated Assets

Shoreline Street Ends

149 street ends

Regulated Landscaped Areas

5,371,000 sq ft  

Regulated Trees

37,142 trees

Roadway Structures

Areaway Street Walls

236 areaway street walls

Replacement value: $158.0 million


  • Movable Vehicular Bridges
  • Non-movable Vehicular bridges
  • Pedestrian bridges


70 bridges fully owned by SDOT

37 bridges in partial ownership
12 bridges

Total bridge deck surface: 2,845,600 sq feet

Total replacement value: $1.50 billion

Bridge Hydrant Vaults

Installed on 13 bridges

Retaining Walls, including Alaskan Way Seawall

582 retaining walls

Replacement value (all walls exclusive of seawall): $843 million

Replacement value (seawall): $981 million

Seattle Streetcars

Streetcar System

1 line – South Lake Union

Replacement value: $55.8 million


Sign Assemblies:


  • Regulatory signs
  • Warning signs
  • Directional/Guide signs

Replacement value: $52.1 million

  • 94,445 signs
  • 18,249 signs
  • 37,398 signs


Traffic Safety Structures & Devices


22 chicanes

Replacement value: $306,000

Crash Cushions

40 crash cushions

Replacement value: $746,000

Curb Bulbs

92 curb bulbs

Replacement value: $2.45 million


73,000 linear feet

Replacement value: $3.26 million

Speed Cushions

19 speed cushions

Replacement value: $224,000

Speed Humps

73 speed humps

Replacement value: $214,000

Traffic Circles

1,022 traffic circles

Replacement value: $10.85 million

Traffic Signal System


280 beacons

Replacement value: $2.45 million


226 CCTV camera assemblies

Replacement value: $1.82 million

Traffic Signal Assemblies

1,051 traffic signal assemblies

Replacement value: $78.83 million

Urban Forest

Landscaped Areas

5,371,000 sq ft / 124 acres


Replacement value: $33.31 million


37,142 trees

Replacement value: $18.90 million

Not Assigned to an Asset Class

SDOT Jurisdiction Public Right-of-Way

579,886,000 sq ft


24.8% of land surface within the City limits


Please contact the manager responsible for the asset you are interested in for more information:

Bicycle/Pedestrian System, Sandra Woods, email:  

Stairways, Ainalem Molla, email:

Channelization, Dongho Chang, email:

Intelligent Traffic Signs, Loren Raynes, email:

Parking Payment Devices, Mike Estey, email:

Pavement System, Elizabeth Sheldon, email;

Roadway Structures, Ainalem Molla, email:

Seattle Streetcars, Ethan Melone, email:

Signs, Dongho Chang, email:  

Traffic Safety Structures & Devices, Dongho Chang, email:

Traffic Signal System, Loren Raynes, email:

Urban Forest, Darren Morgan, email:



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