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Construction Hub Coordination Program: Map

February 1, 2016


Hub boundaries evolve to keep pace with construction activity. The interactive Construction Hubs Boundaries & Developments Map below includes developments within each hub and their stage of construction. Note: Project information is for illustrative purposes only, with no warranties for accuracy.    
Current Hub boundaries are also listed in the chart that follows.    




Alaskan Way Viaduct North

Area bounded by Aloha St the north; Bell St to the south; 5th Ave N/4th Ave N to the west; and Dexter Ave N/7th Ave to the east.

Alaskan Way Viaduct South (Central Waterfront)

Area bounded by Bay St/Broad St to the north; S Holgate to the south; Elliott Bay to the west; and Occidental Ave S/1st Ave to the east.

South Lake Union

Area bounded by Mercer St to the north; Denny Way to the south; Dexter Ave N to the west; and Eastlake Ave E to the east.

Downtown Transition Area

Area bounded by Aloha St/Lake Union/E Galer St to the north; S Spokane St to the south; 1st Ave W/shoreline to the west; and I-5 to the east.

Capitol Hill Hub Transition Area

Area bounded by E John St/E Olive Way to the north; Madison St to the south; I-5 to the west; and Broadway to the east.

Capitol Hill

Area bounded by E John St to the north; E Madison St/E Marion St/E Spring St to the south; Broadway to the west; and 15th Ave to the east.



Construction Hub Team E-mail:

Hub Coordinators actively manage areas of dense construction, working with contractors and community stakeholders to maintain mobility and access.

Site Coordinators:

Ken Ewalt


Chris Luedke

Other Program Contacts:

  • Melody Berry – Supervisor
  • Jan Katzenberger – Communications Liaison

  • Construction Hub Team E-mail:
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