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Construction Hub Coordination Program

ACCESS SEATTLE Construction Coordination Program

Keeping construction coordinated, travelers moving and communities thriving during construction

June 9, 2016

The City recognizes that impacts of construction increase where projects are close together. In response, we developed the Access Seattle Construction Coordination program that identifies and proactively resolves potential right-of-way issues
Currently there are five designated Construction Hubs as shown on the map below.

Contractors planning to work in these areas are required to coordinate with the Hub team before permits are issued.

Hub Coordinators actively manage areas of dense construction, working with contractors and community stakeholders to maintain mobility and access.

Site Coordinators:

Ken Ewalt


Chris Luedke

The coordination team:

  • Evaluates right-of-way impacts for the duration of individual projects and for all projects collectively within each Hub
  • Coordinates and consolidates temporary closures, detours and haul routes
  • Maintains access to and through impacted areas
  • Facilitates dialog between contractors and the community
  • Acts as one point of contact to respond and resolve construction related issues in real time
  • Helps public agencies and private contractors work cooperatively to optimize mobility in impact areas
  • Holds regular stakeholder meetings to notify business and neighborhood groups of upcoming development and right-of-way impacts

Construction Hub Coordination Program Map

We continually evaluate permit and construction data to update areas in which construction coordination will be required. Because Hub boundaries transition with the evolving construction landscape, it is best to check with SDOT Permits to determine if your project is in an impact area.

Current Hub boundaries are listed in the chart that follows. 


Alaskan Way Viaduct North
Area bounded by Aloha St the north; Bell St to the south; 5th Ave N/4th Ave N to the west; and Dexter Ave N/7th Ave to the east.

Alaskan Way Viaduct South (Central Waterfront)
Area bounded by Bay St/Broad St to the north; S Holgate to the south; Elliott Bay to the west; and Occidental Ave S/1st Ave to the east.

South Lake Union
Area bounded by Mercer St to the north; Denny Way to the south; Dexter Ave N to the west; and Eastlake Ave E to the east.

Downtown Transition Area
Area bounded by Aloha St/Lake Union/E Galer St to the north; S Spokane St to the south; 1st Ave W/shoreline to the west; and I-5 to the east.

Capitol Hill Hub Transition Area
Area bounded by E John St/E Olive Way to the north; Madison St to the south; I-5 to the west; and Broadway to the east.

Capitol Hill
Area bounded by E John St to the north; E Madison St/E Marion St/E Spring St to the south; Broadway to the west; and 15th Ave to the east.

Other Program Contacts:

Melody Berry – Supervisor
206-733-9052 |

Jan Katzenberger – Communications Liaison
206-794-0576 |

Construction Hub Team E-mail:


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